6 Amazing Things About Owning Your Magic

6 Amazing Things About Owning Your Magic May 21, 2018

At different times of our lives, our spiritual work pays off and our lives take on magical qualities.  Things become easier.  Stress falls away like an old, worn-out coat.  Spirituality and psychic experiences become a part of nearly every moment.

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I find this spiritual flow happens when I connect with the gods, get out in nature, eat good food, and do the good, hard work.  When my magic is turned all the way up, it seems that the gods really are everywhere.  It’s as if they’re just waiting for us to reach a deeper place so that they can bestow blessings upon us.

If we can maintain this higher vibration, it can be a time of great awakening and fulfillment.  Here are some of the amazing things that happen when you reach a new growth period and your spirituality blossoms.

1. You Resonate at a Higher Frequency

Higher vibrations can feel quite thrilling and can be addictive.  It’s why so many people leave their normal lives behind and dedicate their lives to communion with the gods.

When your magic is turned up to eleven, you perceive the magic in everyday things.  The green man appears in the leaves more often, and when you look at the stars, you feel some kind of innate reflection (after all, we are made of stardust).  You have a greater sense of empowerment and purpose.  The “mundane world” becomes less troublesome and opens up to become a world of mystery and possibilities.  Things that used to be stressful won’t bother you as much, if they bother you at all.

2. You Sense Energy — All The Time

We are all energy.  Everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies.  When you’re tuned into your magic, you can feel energy.  You might even see it, if you’re clairvoyant.

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When I’m deep in the flow, things feel different.  The air feels thicker, yet breezier at the same time, like there’s a forcefield around me.  I feel more “in my body” and grounded, but also spacier, as if my third eye and crown chakras are floating on an astral plane.

You’ll probably sense energy differentials between you and people with lower frequencies.  The good thing is that you probably won’t judge them for it.  If anything, you’ll have sympathy for the seekers.

You’ll also sense those who are above you in frequency.  They are way-showers.  If you’re like me, you’ll have so much respect for them.  They demonstrate that there’s another step up from where you are, and that one day, you might reach it.

3. People Seek You Out For Healing

Just as you can sense energy differentials, other people can sense your higher energy, too.  Many people find it attractive, though they may not know why.  They’ll just be attracted to you like moths to a flame.

Whether they know it or not, and whether you know it or not, you probably have healing abilities because you can connect with the divine more easily.  However, this is one area where you might have to be careful.  You just might need to draw boundaries if someone gets too attached to your healing energy and takes it without your invitation.

4. Your Meaningful Relationships Deepen, and Superficial Ones Fall Away

It’s all about resonance.  The people who support you in your life will become inspired and will evolve alongside you.  Those bonds become stronger and more uplifting.

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Conversely, people who can’t handle your frequency will desire greater distance from you.  This can happen naturally or explosively, as in a falling out.  The main takeaway is that they’re not ready to become empowered yet, and your ability to transcend drama diminishes their needy egos.  All you can do is bless them and move onward and upward.

5. You Have Random, Deep Connections With Complete Strangers

Your resonance spreads out like a magnetic aura.  People who have similar energy can find you more easily.  In this state, you might make new friends that become close friends.  Maybe someone will mention a book you need to read, or will tell you something you need to hear.  It can be eerie, but very rewarding.

I met my best friend when I was in a new spiritual state.  She was a customer at the deli for which I worked.  She came in a couple of times every week to get lunch.  I remember our randomly deep conversations and not wanting them to end.  Seven years later, we’re almost inseparable.  We have the same clothes, tattoos, and more inside jokes than anyone else besides my husband and my family.

Be open to the flow and others who are in it as well.  You’ll know your new tribe members because they’re empowered on their own path.  Maybe you feel excitement when you’re around them, or they may be hilariously funny.  In any case, you’ll raise energy when you’re together. Follow that feeling.

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6. Good Things Happen

I could list so many good things that’ve happened to me when my magic is really on.  Internally, apart from feeling stronger and more capable, my psychic senses are turned up.  I can hear thoughts before someone speaks. I can tell when someone starts dating after years of being single.  My creative expression finds its stride — not only do I can create more, but the product is of higher quality.


Externally, things manifest more than usual, and much faster.  I become aware of new pathways toward my goals that I couldn’t see before.  Things generally feel as if they’re moving in a good direction.  The momentum is thrilling.  It feels like life is opening up to shower so many blessings.

*   *   *

While we may or may not be able to be in the flow/magic at all times, it’s important to celebrate it when you feel it.  Revel in the sense of newness!  Celebrate your abilities and senses.

I’ve found a few ways to maintain the energy, including ritual, meditation, a deeper cleanse of the diet, exercise (with the gods, if you prefer), reading spiritual books, and self-expression.  Continue to do the good, hard work, whatever that is for you.

I hope you find these blessings in your life and live to your highest potential.

 ~ Align with Starlight Witch ~

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