Guest Post: Leadership & Introspection

Guest Post: Leadership & Introspection November 8, 2012

My friend Rachel Borsch appreciates the value of introspection and reflection, especially for leaders. She is a deep, clear thinker who incorporates introspection into her daily life, and who recognizes the tangible benefits of reflection for leaders.

Rachel is a Human Resources advisor who works with people on issues related to healthy spiritual diversity and respect at work. She hosts Religion at Work on BlogTalkRadio, and always gives me something to reflect on in a new way.

Thank you, Rachel.

What makes introspection an imperative part of a leader’s routine?

Taking time to know oneself through self-reflection opens a fresh perspective, enhancing one’s clarity and focus. With these gifts one can continuously look for ways to enhance effectiveness and pave pathways to achievement.

It is possible to be moving towards erroneous goals or targets, and reflection invites a healthy reassessment. Operating from knowledge of one’s talents and how to utilize personal skills will leverage one’s ability to assist others to perform effectively as well.

To go anywhere the first question is “Where am I?” With a calm and peaceful mind vision is enhanced. Strong vision leads to decisions that are sounder. With inner clarity one is able to see the interconnected nature of the world and understand the results of choices, more accurately predicting impact. Predicting impact equals better results.

It is easy to feel frazzled by the buzzing world around us that begs for constant attention. A regular practice of reflection is a reminder to step out and come to a clear state…but how? That answer will be different for each of us.

For me this means to return to my breathing. I know from years of yoga practice that to close my eyes and sip in a deep breath is all it takes to remember my identity and purpose. It is a great day when I can go fully into a reflective state, but my schedule does not always allow for that so I depend on retreats and scheduled time with my spiritual director to do so.

There will be times of feeling lost but the moments of calm help bring one into understanding.

How do you remember your purpose as a leader?

What tools do you use for self-reflection?

Rachel Borsch, M.Div. is a Human Resources Consultant and Religious Diversity Advisor who seeks to inspire and enthuse employees to lead more productive, positive lifestyles. Find out more on her website or catch up with her on Twitter @jayaradheshyam.

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