Handling Rage As A Witch While Handling #Metoo, #WhyIDidNotReport

Handling Rage As A Witch While Handling #Metoo, #WhyIDidNotReport September 27, 2018

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Today is a day of rage, but let’s not kid ourselves. A great many of us have had plenty of rage for some time now. Our news and social media outlets have been bombarded with the stories of rape survivors, rape apologists, and graphic details of people who have undergone amazing amounts of trauma.

We can’t pretend to solve everything through magic and witchcraft, and some of us may not even have the spoons to get in front of our altars and do the thing right now. Regardless of how you are handling the situation and what steps, either on a practical or magical level you are taking, absolutely every single one of you is valid. Teen Vogue has an excellent article with six self care tips on how to take care of yourself right now, and I will add and/or embellish for those of us who are witches, occultists, etc.

Some suggestions from someone doing her best to handle her own anger right now:

  • Don’t neglect your spiritual and personal work. This is the time to not only maximize on self care, but to reach out to our highest and best selves, to rant to our gods, to reach out to our spirit helpers and assistants, and make sure that we’re putting on our own oxygen mask before trying to help those around us let alone the world at large.
  • Make plans in advance on how to handle triggers, as you won’t be able to avoid them. They will be everywhere. Make plans in advance to take walks, make your favorite hot beverage, sit and breathe, or rant to a trusted friend who understands. Do what both empowers you and helps you to cope. If that’s prayer, do it. If that’s magic, do it. A lot of people could use some good energy right now and that’s a valid approach. So is burying yourself in games on your phone.
  • If you want to do magic, now is the time to review how to do magic that impacts major and world events because this one is it. It’s a Big Deal, and we need to take into consideration the big picture: how to remove power from those who would do harm and empower rapists, rape apologists, racists, white supremacists, and other monsters who are unfortunately in positions of government and/or being nominated for such.
  • Reach out to your community, especially that of your witch, magician, and/or occultist community. A LOT of us are hurting right now, and solidarity is indeed a blessing in these times.

I myself am a survivor of rape and sexual assault. I too could not and did not report, for many reasons. I am here for you all, and stand with you.

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