Public Hexes And Curses On Public And Political Figures: Do They Work?

Public Hexes And Curses On Public And Political Figures: Do They Work? October 16, 2018
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It recently made many mainstream news sources that a group of witches in Brooklyn are planning a public gathering in order to hex Brett Kavanaugh. As many, especially those of us in the United States are aware, Kavanaugh was pushed through to be made a Supreme Court Justice despite 1) public testimony, witnesses, and other evidence indicating that he was involved in various gang rapes and sexual assaults, both attempted and accomplished, 2) cried his way through what amounted to a job interview while waxing poetic for his love of beer and his seething hatred of the Clintons and the Democrats and 3) lied several times which is technically perjury. The second and third points should’ve disqualified him alone, but either way as a result of both his actions and his words he is one of many public figures right now standing at the center of the #MeToo movement, which aims to address the rape culture that affects us all, mostly women but men as well. The group itself in Brooklyn is focusing its actions on “all rapists“, but is using Kavanaugh as a focal point and symbol.

I have blogged in the past on #MeToo, rape culture, our own occult and pagan communities’ issues with objectifying women and its contributions to rape culture, as well as how to handle self care as fellow rape and sexual assault survivors. That last article was especially aimed at helping those of us in occult and spiritual traditions and how we can use them in order to help us, and when we need to take that necessary break in our intense work in order to focus on ourselves. The issue of rape culture and those in positions of power who are both enabling and supporting it is a huge factor in its continued presence in our lives, and it is my opinion that both practical and magical work should be done in order to help on the personal, local, and national levels.

While I have taken the time to address the potential for public magical workings against public figures, one of the key points I mentioned was that yes, doing such things needs to be done with care. You need multiple people, all on the same page, and getting them together is difficult to do without your work being discovered by outsiders. Just getting everyone together on the same page can be a challenge because let’s face it, dealing with witches is a lot like herding cats. But once we’ve come together on something–watch out! Having many people all magically working together on the same thing, if done right, can produce amazing results, and having a public event ensures getting a large number of people in on the ritual.

And there are pros and cons to doing work out in the open. Truth be told, only someone who has been filling their head with “love and light” ideas wouldn’t be aware that the opposition has occultists on their side too. They come in the form of prayer warriors, magicians who are alt-right and use various known and established sigils and symbols to promote their magic, and many, many other forms. Getting together in one place as a big group means that you are a central target for them and others, for better and for worse. If anyone is willing to work long distance initiatives to help protect these people, I would highly recommend it. Think of it as a good exercise for a good cause. In any event, I sincerely hope that the people who are both running this and participating are just as up on their self defense magic as they are their offensive, because they are going to need it.

Truth be told, you NEED to learn offensive/attack magic in order to truly be able to learn self defense magic. It doesn’t mean that you actually have to be continually using it against other people, but you should be very familiar with the ins and outs of what can potentially go into a magical attack in order to combat it yourself. Defending yourself against hexes, curses, and other negative forms of magic is one thing, diagnosing such things is another. Being able to determine whether or not something is being aimed at you isn’t necessarily cut and dry. Most people are not public when they deliberately do something negative to you magically, and part of making that public means it gives the opposition a chance to be able to defend themselves.

Hexes and curses can be a controversial topic. I don’t think it’s magic that should be used lightly, but I do believe there are circumstances where it is warranted. People in positions of power who are using that power against others, rapists, murderers, abusers, child molesters–all of them fantastic examples. Witchcraft has long been a tool of the disenfranchised, and it is an effective one. It is why witches are naturally subversive and tend to be people who go against the status quo.

I personally think that the witches in Brooklyn are extremely brave being out in the open like this as they are, and I support both their cause and their efforts. While I have my reservations on how effective they might be, all that I can do is hope that there are those who are far less public who are applying their own efforts both practical and magical to the mix behind the scenes. If there’s any time to come together on a cause, now’s the time–and for many reasons, not just in regards to #MeToo and rape culture.

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  • Shawn Herles

    My concern is that this practice of hexing/cursing political figures will just devolve into partisanship with no real cause of justice grounding it, if it hasn’t done so already. As a Traditional witch I am fine with using hexes and curses, but only in extreme situations that are personal to me, my family or friends. When hexing/cursing goes beyond the personal to the general it’s efficacy is diffused and the potential for things going badly wrong increases. Let’s remember that so far, with regards to Kavanaugh, all we have are accusations, not proof, and very little in the way of hard evidence. I don’t trust him myself, and I suspect he may be guilty, but I don’t know for certain, and neither does anyone else who was not present at the events in question. Hexing anyone based on accusations alone is ethically dubious to say the least.

    Hardcore political partisanship, regardless of whether it’s Left or Right, fosters an unhealthy and potentially dangerous sense of self-righteousness. People on the other side of the spectrum go from being human beings, with all their faults, virtues and complexities, to one dimensional figures of evil, “Godless liberals” for the Right and “Bigoted hateful oppressors” for the Left. That mindset too easily becomes a justification for violence, literal and spiritual.

    Unless it’s an extreme situation, we should keep cursing and hexing out of the political realm. And by extreme I mean living in a village in the Middle East where Daesh is about to wipe you and your family out or enslave you, or the ethnic cleansing the Rohingya are being subjected to. Living in a first world Western democracy, and having to deal with politicians you disagree with, no matter how strongly or passionately, is not an extreme situation.

  • Mark Green

    And the Pagan community would do well to recognize that, move beyond the fantasy, and understand that the power of ritual is psychological and communal, and that’s it.

  • Eva Sawyer

    I’m pretty disappointed to see this article. I have loved this site for a very long time, but this is incredibly disappointing. The idea that somehow he was rammed tru despite being a rapist is ludicrous. Not ONE shred of evidence actually corroborates her story. At what point did we collectively decide that people are guilty until proven innocent? Do I believe that he is sqeaky clean? not really – but to condemn him as a sexual predator with no proof is so wrong.

  • loves period dramas

    The Religious Right believes in hell and demons and satan, and when witches publicly curse their political darlings,it’s a very effective way to conduct psychological warfare on the Religious Right. They will be influenced by these “hexes” because they believe in them — and that’s how it “works.” All’s fair in love and war. We are definitely at war with forces that want to destroy our civil rights, and I feel that’s personal enough to me to make it worth hexing a few country club Republican pieces of sh*t….

  • herbprof

    Purgery…Dr. Ford’s Ex Directly refutes her testimony…

  • Shawn Herles

    Except, that’s not it. The Otherworld is real, spirits are are real, gods are real, and magic works well beyond the psychological. There is no possible way the magical work I have done, the results I have seen, and the spirits who I speak with, who speak to me clearly, and who act in my life independently of anything I think or do, are mere fantasies or just psychology. Repeated testing, which is what real science is based on, has proven that to me beyond any doubt.

    Rejecting that what you call a fantasy means to cease being pagan. Atheism with a bit of ritual is not paganism.

  • Shawn Herles

    The problem with that is that Trump’s support goes well beyond the religious right. In fact the religious right is iffy about Trump because he’s neither religious nor conservative. Attacking the religious right isn’t attacking Trump. His support goes far beyond that, and beyond the Republican party. In many respects Trump is really a third party politician. He just hijacked the Republicans to get elected. His occult/Pagan support is larger than you may think, and they know how to fight against those cursing or trying to bind him.

    “We are definitely at war with forces that want to destroy our civil rights”

    They believe the same thing, and consider you the threat to those rights. That’s the problem with extreme political partisanship. Both sides think they are righteous and that their cause is righteous. Both are mostly wrong, and both sides, the conservative right and the progressive left, are the problem, not the solution. They are both othering millions of their fellow citizens as evil and thus less than human The US is sliding into a cold civil war. Weaponising that war with magic will not lead anywhere good.

    If there are any righteous people in this, it is those who are refusing to fight, those who are willing to sit down with their neighbours on the “other side” of the political divide, and talk, listen, learn and reconcile. To build a future on what unties us, not on what divides us.

  • herbprof

    If you believe in the Bible and what it says…
    2 Kings 2 – The prophet Elisha curses a group of children for calling him “bald,” and the children are eaten by a pair of bears.

    Numbers 5 – A magical ritual is prescribed for determining if a woman has been unfaithful. If she has and she is pregnant from her adultery, the ritual causes spontaneous abortion.

    Acts 5 – Peter curses a man and woman who lied to him, and they die.

    Acts 13 – Paul curses a man pretending to be an Apostle/sorcerer, and the man goes blind.

    Blog Post 115 – Cursing Psalms (part I) | New World Witchery – the …–-cursing-psalms-part-i/
    Jan 18, 2011 – I did not know that you could use Bible verses as a hex. …. percentage of non-cursing spells in most folk magic practices probably indicates that

  • kyuss

    no, i don’t believe in the buybull and what it says. it’s a nonsensical book of fables, fairy tales and just so stories. the fact that you think that made up stories from 2000 years ago are some kind of evidence that “curses’ and “hexes” are real makes you rather pathetic.

  • herbprof

    Actually, I don’t have much trust in the Bible either. In fact have met more strange, unkind, disagreeable, dishonest, hypocrites who put their total faith in it! And they claimed to live their whole lives by every word written in it… That is why I asked you that question, I was just sure that you might be one of them, oh well?