Public Hexes And Curses On Public And Political Figures: Do They Work?

Public Hexes And Curses On Public And Political Figures: Do They Work? October 16, 2018

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It recently made many mainstream news sources that a group of witches in Brooklyn are planning a public gathering in order to hex Brett Kavanaugh. As many, especially those of us in the United States are aware, Kavanaugh was pushed through to be made a Supreme Court Justice despite 1) public testimony, witnesses, and other evidence indicating that he was involved in various gang rapes and sexual assaults, both attempted and accomplished, 2) cried his way through what amounted to a job interview while waxing poetic for his love of beer and his seething hatred of the Clintons and the Democrats and 3) lied several times which is technically perjury. The second and third points should’ve disqualified him alone, but either way as a result of both his actions and his words he is one of many public figures right now standing at the center of the #MeToo movement, which aims to address the rape culture that affects us all, mostly women but men as well. The group itself in Brooklyn is focusing its actions on “all rapists“, but is using Kavanaugh as a focal point and symbol.

I have blogged in the past on #MeToo, rape culture, our own occult and pagan communities’ issues with objectifying women and its contributions to rape culture, as well as how to handle self care as fellow rape and sexual assault survivors. That last article was especially aimed at helping those of us in occult and spiritual traditions and how we can use them in order to help us, and when we need to take that necessary break in our intense work in order to focus on ourselves. The issue of rape culture and those in positions of power who are both enabling and supporting it is a huge factor in its continued presence in our lives, and it is my opinion that both practical and magical work should be done in order to help on the personal, local, and national levels.

While I have taken the time to address the potential for public magical workings against public figures, one of the key points I mentioned was that yes, doing such things needs to be done with care. You need multiple people, all on the same page, and getting them together is difficult to do without your work being discovered by outsiders. Just getting everyone together on the same page can be a challenge because let’s face it, dealing with witches is a lot like herding cats. But once we’ve come together on something–watch out! Having many people all magically working together on the same thing, if done right, can produce amazing results, and having a public event ensures getting a large number of people in on the ritual.

And there are pros and cons to doing work out in the open. Truth be told, only someone who has been filling their head with “love and light” ideas wouldn’t be aware that the opposition has occultists on their side too. They come in the form of prayer warriors, magicians who are alt-right and use various known and established sigils and symbols to promote their magic, and many, many other forms. Getting together in one place as a big group means that you are a central target for them and others, for better and for worse. If anyone is willing to work long distance initiatives to help protect these people, I would highly recommend it. Think of it as a good exercise for a good cause. In any event, I sincerely hope that the people who are both running this and participating are just as up on their self defense magic as they are their offensive, because they are going to need it.

Truth be told, you NEED to learn offensive/attack magic in order to truly be able to learn self defense magic. It doesn’t mean that you actually have to be continually using it against other people, but you should be very familiar with the ins and outs of what can potentially go into a magical attack in order to combat it yourself. Defending yourself against hexes, curses, and other negative forms of magic is one thing, diagnosing such things is another. Being able to determine whether or not something is being aimed at you isn’t necessarily cut and dry. Most people are not public when they deliberately do something negative to you magically, and part of making that public means it gives the opposition a chance to be able to defend themselves.

Hexes and curses can be a controversial topic. I don’t think it’s magic that should be used lightly, but I do believe there are circumstances where it is warranted. People in positions of power who are using that power against others, rapists, murderers, abusers, child molesters–all of them fantastic examples. Witchcraft has long been a tool of the disenfranchised, and it is an effective one. It is why witches are naturally subversive and tend to be people who go against the status quo.

I personally think that the witches in Brooklyn are extremely brave being out in the open like this as they are, and I support both their cause and their efforts. While I have my reservations on how effective they might be, all that I can do is hope that there are those who are far less public who are applying their own efforts both practical and magical to the mix behind the scenes. If there’s any time to come together on a cause, now’s the time–and for many reasons, not just in regards to #MeToo and rape culture.

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