Magical Movement: Protection & Power

Magical Movement: Protection & Power January 26, 2021

Time to recap the previous week of the Witchual Workout!  If you don’t know about it – the Witchual Workout is a daily program designed to get you (and me) up and moving regularly – with a dash of magical inspiration to help build and enhance your daily practice. You don’t have to be a dancer of any kind to participate and I encourage you to listen to your body and modify as needed.  Many of these episodes can be done from a seated position as well.

Technically this recap is for 2 weeks ago, but still some highly relevant work focusing on protection and empowerment. From spells of protection to Durga, working with the Honey Bee and the Tarot’s Emperor, you’ll find strength and foundation to draw upon in this group of Witchual Workouts. Enjoy!

Monday, January 11th – Witchual Workout 115: Spells of Protection
Mondays tend to have a lunar focus, and we’re almost at the New Moon. We’re using this energy to tap into powers of protection, particularly from a cloaking/shielding type of working. Be mindful of the energy in your body and the space around you – collecting, drawing, and then spinning it around you like a cloak or cocoon.

Tuesday, January 12th – Witchual Workout 116: Oracle – Honey Bee
Today is an oracle day and we received the “Honey Bee.” There is so much to glean from this card about community, communication, hard work, focusing on the task at hand brings great rewards, and so forth. It also reminds us that the pollen of diversity brings us the honey of civilization, harmony, and inspiration. So this one is a more freestyle dance with a bit of bee visualization to guide us.

Wednesday, January 13th – Witchual Workout 117: Durga
It’s Wednesday, so we’re looking to the divine again for our theme. I’ve chosen the Hindu goddess Durga for today’s inspiration, another deity I have worked with for many years. When I think about Durga, I perceive immense strength and power tempered by calm, wisdom, and resolution. To me, she is an icon of justice, dispeller of ignorance and wrong-doing. To compare her with Kali Ma (whom she is often associated with, connected to, or also identified as being one and the same) check out episode 70.

Thursday, January 14th – Witchual Workout 118: Tarot – The Emperor
Today is a Tarot day – and we received The Emperor, which is a Major Arcana card. It is numbered 4, bringing stability and foundation. The Emperor brings order, rule, wisdom, and guidance. He regulates and rules with knowledge, grace, and consideration for the land and people under his protection. He considers the past, present, and future and builds for all. For today, we’re doing one long song – so we’ll warm up and then go right into our Emperor-inspired movements.

There was no Friday episode this week.

I’ve made a handy playlist of all of the Witchual Workout episodes – you can access it here. You can absolutely jump around to different episodes or themes, or levels of difficulty.  Some episodes are designed just for sitting or focus on a single part of the body, so you can do what you are able or feeling engaged to do so.

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