Hugh Hewitt sums it up perfectly

Hugh Hewitt sums it up perfectly July 6, 2006

It must be increasingly obvious even to New York Times’ reporters that the article of June 23 did enormous damage to the United States’ ability to “follow the money,” a damage that may become complete as countries such as Belgium and Canada review their support for the use of the program data by the CIA.

Lichtblau’s, Risen’s and Keller’s place in journalism history is secure. Even loyal friends and allies should at this point fall silent. There is no defense to be made and no counterattack to mount. They hurt the United States, innocent future victims of terrorists, and media’s reputation by telegraphing to terrorists everywhere crucial information on how to dodge the watchers, information that even the New York Times had been unable to detect late last year.
Hugh Hewitt

Damn. Straight.

Also read all of these, and stay angry, dammit. Stay angry. Whether you’re on the right or the left, if you care about defeating the Islamofascists who would love to defeat you, you should be angry. And stay that way.
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