The Pro-Abortion Agenda Behind “Would You Be Lonely Without Me?” Is Based on Lies

The Pro-Abortion Agenda Behind “Would You Be Lonely Without Me?” Is Based on Lies July 30, 2018

Daisy Patton is an artist who has created an agenda-driven work titled, “Would You Be Lonely Without Me?” which is “a series of oil portraits depicting women whose deaths were directly caused by a lack of access to safe reproductive care” (i.e., abortion).

I have no objection to the piece itself. These women deserve to have their stories told, and I think we can learn a lot from them. As a society, we must work to give women more practical support, assistance, and encouragement so that they do not feel the need to resort to killing their unborn children. (Sadly, Ms. Patton neglected to include any recognition of or memorials for the children who also lost their lives in these tragic stories.)

I do object to the agenda behind the piece, as described by Patton in her artist’s statement: “Some politicians underline what is at stake by declaring pregnancy from rape a ‘gift from God,’ that women should be forced to carry to term encephalitic [sic] or already dead fetuses, or legislate forced medically unnecessary procedures and make women hear lies about the effects of abortions.”

These are far from the only inaccuracies in her statement, but for the sake of time and brevity, I wish to focus on these three.

Did a Politician Say that Pregnancy from Rape was a “Gift from God”?

Neither rape nor pregnancy from rape is ever considered a “gift from God” — but children always are gifts from God, regardless of how they are conceived. To put it in secular terms, all human beings have intrinsic worth and value no matter how they were conceived.

Let’s look at the quote in the article that she linked to prove her assertion (emphasis mine):

“…but I came to realize life is that gift from God, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” – Sen. Richard Mourdock

Sen. Murdock, admittedly, worded this badly, but he was clearly saying that it is the CHILD who is a gift from God, not the rape or the circumstances of the pregnancy. Patton is being dishonest and disingenuous to assert otherwise, especially given the senator’s later clarification:

“I said life is precious. I believe life is precious. I believe rape is a brutal act. It is something that I abhor. That anyone could come away with any meaning other than what I just said is regrettable, and for that I apologize,” Mourdock said, according to The Indianapolis Star‘s account of his news conference Wednesday.

Did a Politician Say that “women should be forced to carry to term encephalitic [sic] or already dead fetuses”?

No one supports women carrying “encephalitic” or “already dead fetuses to term.” The article she linked to in support of this assertion acknowledges this as well. The politician in question misspoke, and later Tweeted a clarification that included the text of the bill in question — a bill that specifically does NOT prohibit the removal of a dead fetus.

Three times in my life, I have been faced with the situation of carrying a dead fetus. Three times, I’ve sat in the doctor’s office and heard the ultrasound tech say, “I’m so sorry, but the baby doesn’t have a heartbeat.” Three times, I’ve had a D&C to remove that baby’s deceased body from my own, and three times, I have stood at a gravesite and wept as we buried him or her.

I really don’t appreciate those who exploit my tragedy and my pain to advance an agenda that would allow for the legal killing of healthy children.

I’m also assuming that Patton meant “anencephalic” — meaning a baby who has anencephaly — not “encephalitic,” which is inflammation of the brain.

Anencephalic babies are human beings too, and they have inherent worth and dignity. It is ableism to say that they should be killed because of their defect. They deserve, like their parents, to be treated with love and compassion, and not killed simply because they are not “perfect.” I’ve watched a friend walk this difficult journey, and her love for her little boy was an inspiration. Perinatal hospice is a wonderful resource for parents who are in this situation, and there are many support groups as well.

Do Politicians “legislate forced medically unnecessary procedures and make women hear lies about the effects of abortions”?

No one is legislating “forced medically unnecessary procedures.” Ultrasounds are a basic standard of care prior to an abortion procedure, and for very good reason. It’s simply not safe to have an abortion without first performing an ultrasound to determine gestational age, because the abortion procedure used can vary depending on the age of the unborn child targeted for death. Does she want women to undergo unsafe abortions? Isn’t that what she is protesting with her piece?

As for making women “hear lies,” there’s plenty of documentation (ignored by her source) providing evidence that the “lies” in question are actually facts. For example, the higher rates of suicide among post-abortive women.

I read the stories in Patton’s piece, and my heart ached for each and every one of those women. They felt powerless and choiceless, to the point that they felt they had no other option but to kill their child. That’s a horrible, horrific situation to be in, and I hope both Patton and I can work together to change society to give women more options. There are a lot of great organizations, such as New Wave Feminists, committed to doing just that. However, the answer is to give women alternatives to abortion, not keep them trapped in the situation that they are in while offering them a “safe” method to kill innocent children. That doesn’t empower women. That doesn’t bring a woman out of poverty or give her the tools to better her situation. The solution to a problem should never be the death of an innocent human being.

“Would you be lonely without me?” is a question that unborn children would ask of their mothers, if they could. My guess is, quite a few would be.

"the author of this blog is a pathetic christo-fascist."

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  • RoverSerton

    Right wing politicians have enacted laws to make abortion more difficult, it even has a name, TRAP. “TRAP” (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws single out the medical practices of doctors who provide abortions and impose on them requirements that are different and more burdensome than those imposed on other medical practices. For example, some TRAP laws reqire that abortions be performed in far more complicated and expensive facilities than

    Ultrasounds are not medically necessary and the required “trans uteral” ultrasound requires the probe to go inside the vagina. My wife, an ultrasound tech, says male techs are afraid of rape charges when these women are forced to be “raped” for these tests. People going inside the vagina due to politicians forcing it, is rape.

    Women are to stupid to make their own decisions I guess. (/s)

  • Olivia Pope

    If forced birthers are in the right, why on earth do they have to lie so much?

  • Do the lies that Ms. Patton told don’t bother you?

  • So, Rover, you want women to undergo unsafe abortions, and insisting on common-sense safety standards are just an attempt to prevent women from having an abortion. Uh huh. Let me guess, you are a big fan of the Kermit Gosnells and Robert Rhos of the world, huh?

    Ultrasounds are the basic standard of care prior to an abortion procedure. If you try to perform a D&C on a fetus who is more than 14 weeks gestational age, or give abortion medication to someone whose fetus is more than six weeks gestational age, the complications could be catastrophic for the mother. You’re okay with that?

    If my doctor recommends a procedure, I will likely defer to his judgement because he is the one with the medical degree and training. I guess I should listen to your advice and eschew modern medicine, huh?

  • Olivia Pope

    She didn’t tell any lies. A pregnancy that results from a rape would not exist without the rape. So if the fact that it exists is a “gift from God”, that makes the rape a part of that gift. That is simply sick.

    Your lies aren’t about semantics though. They are factually incorrect. Why are you bearing false witness, Christian?

  • RoverSerton

    Doctors didn’t make the ultrasounds mandatory or recommended, your limited government republicans did. If a doctor made the recommendation, I would take it. If your anti choice rep did, i’d defer.

    “Since the mid-1990s, opponents of abortion have deployed ultrasound in their attempts to restrict abortion access. Five states have enacted “informed consent” laws, which require doctors to show their patients ultrasound images, and in some cases to describe the images, before performing an abortion. ”

    Very nice of you to say I’m a fan of Gosnells. You are below contempt and not worth dealing with with that ad hominem attack.

    Now, go back to defending why a woman is just a gestation device with no rights to autonomy.

  • Women are people


    Have you ever had an anencephalic baby? Do you have *any* idea what it is like to know that your very much wanted pregnancy will never be viable? Have you ever had to field the questions of when you were due, what you were having, from well meaning strangers? All the while you have to fight back the emotional and mental breakdown you are about to have in the middle of the grocery store?

    Do you know that carrying an anencephalic fetus means a DANGEROUS over production of amneotic fluid that could burst the uterus, killing the woman instantly?

    Do you know what it’s like to know that if you carry to term, you will be subjecting that child to a horrid death because their brain stem isn’t formed enough for them to breathe? Can you imagine watching a baby suffocate to death?

    Why would you ever deny a woman the right to end that pregnancy compassionately? Why would you intentionally cause her more suffering forcing her to carry a fetus that will never survive?

    Why should you have any right to tell her she must risk her life for a fetus that has zero chance of survival?

    Why should you have any right to tell her she must risk her life under any circumstances? Women die from pregnancy and childbirth. Is her life so expendable to you that you don’t care if she dies?

    You lie, Joanna. You lie under the guise of caring. But you don’t care. Not about women. You just want to make sure women have less rights than a corpse.

    If a woman is raped, what gives you the right to tell her that not only was her body violated by a rapist, but now she must be violated for another 9 months by a fetus?

    How about that 9 year old girl in Paraguay that was raped by her uncle? Are you going to straight faced tell this little girl, a child, that she must carry to term, effectively harming her body for the rest of her life?

    This is why prolifers lie about it being about life. If it was about life, you wouldn’t completely ignore the life and health of the woman. Every pregnancy. Every. Single. Pregnancy. Carries a huge risk to her life. You have no right to force her to risk her life because you don’t like abortion, despite you having 3 yourself.

  • Women are people

    Abortion medication is approved for use up to 12 weeks, so why don’t you get your facts straight about it before you go saying medically inaccurate things?

    Also, why an ultrasound might be necessary for the *procedure*, it is not medically necessary prior to the procedure while anwoman is considering her options.

    Women know what pregnancy entails. That’s why they seek to end the pregnancy.

  • Women are people

    “They felt powerless and choiceless, to the point that they felt they had no other option but to kill their child. That’s a horrible, horrific situation to be in, and I hope both Patton and I can work together to change society to give women more options.”

    How completely arrogant to assume what these women felt? Did you consider that these women felt that they made the right choice for them?

    I agree that we can give women more options, but for a woman who simply does not want any or another child, whose children need her alive, whose children need her income and she can’t afford 6 weeks off to recover, whose career might be damaged as a result of yet another maternity leave, then abortion is her option. There are countries that have a year of maternity leave, free healthcare, and a wide range of social safety nets. Abortion still happens in those countries. Why? Because some women want to have an abortion. That is always the option. The question is whether or not we make it a safe option or an unsafe one.

  • Cynthia

    I’m so happy that you respect the judgment of medical professionals.

    Ob/Gyns have weighed in on the ultrasound issue. The ACOG position on government-mandated ultrasounds for abortion is here:

    They are opposed to these mandates.

    They have not supported any of the TRAP laws.

  • Cynthia

    What lies? She accurately described what various officials actually said.

    For example, I saw the video of Shannon Lundgren’s response. There was nothing out of context out it. She very clearly stated that a pregnant woman would need to carry a dead fetus if it wasn’t posing a risk to her life. The fact that her party panicked after this was made public and said that she “mispoke” doesn’t change the fact that she made this statement. She also made it clear that the law wasn’t intended to protect or be on the side of women.

  • fractal

    You don’t get it.
    Women who abort don’t want to be pregnant at that time.
    They don’t feel “powerless and choiceless” at all—they are taking control of their lives.
    Hence the abortion.

  • fractal

    Abortions are much safer than childbirth, with or without a sono.
    I think each doctor can decide for herself, if it is needed for any reason.

    I worked at a reproductive health clinic where we did abortions, and we used sonograms—but we were the only ones in the city that did so, and our stats were the same as the other providers.

  • fractal

    You sound like a drama queen, both in your article and in your comments.
    All emotion, and no grasp of the subject.

    An embryo is not “innocent” anymore than a cucumber is—you are trying to attach qualities belonging to a sentient being, to an entity that simply doesn’t have much consciousness.

  • kyuss

    fetus’ aren’t children.

  • kyuss

    Three times in my life, I have been faced with the situation of carrying a dead fetus.

    jeebus christ – you’re genetically unsound. please cease trying to procreate.