and nothing caught fire…

and nothing caught fire… November 26, 2011

… Normal blogging will resume after this brief moment of parental pride.

Tonight The Boy served mass for the first time. I’m not sure who was more nervous but I can proudly say that no altar linens were set ablaze. That is all.

Side note; when I posted these and other photos on my facebook page a few commented wanting to know if this was a mass in extraordinary form. Nope. It’s just a regular solemnly celebrated novus ordo mass at my wonderful parish. A vigil mass no less. Proof that reverence isn’t exclusive to one form of mass. When I hear people debate the legitimacy of the mass in the ordinary form I never know whether to get angry or be sad. Angry because it’s ridiculous to assume Jesus in any less present in the Eucharist when mass is said in the vernacular or sad because so many only associate the novus ordo mass with abuses. As you can see, neither is the case. It also helps that we really do have a wonderful priest. Deo gratias.

Pictured; Son of a Crescat and Fr. Reid.

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  • Michael

    Drats! Fires are so much fun! (Says a alter server of long experience).

  • Dan

    What a great moment to have your son serve his first Mass and even greater for him!

    Fr Reid is such a great priest.
    The Blessed Sacrament kneeling and on the tongue at a Novus Ordo Mass!
    Great thing.
    And an added bonus to see Fr in Roman vestments.
    Things are looking up way up at St Anns.

  • robertgwirth

    Congratulations to you both!

  • It is a wonderful thing when our young men serve on the altar. My 11 year old started begging our priest immediately after his First Holy Communion. He has been serving nearly 4 years now. I believe his first Mass was the feast of the Immaculate Conception. He could hardly reach the altar. Now he is a senior server and directs the newer servers. As to the NO Mass versus the TLM, I have never (in my recollection) been to a TLM. Born in 1965, I probably attended TLM as an infant/toddler, but never since have I attended one. I have see reverence at the NO and a lack thereof as well. Sometimes at the same Mass. I try to recall that Christ calls each of us and we are all at different places in life. For some the most reverent place they will be is ratty jeans, sweatshirts and chewing gum. Others will be prim, proper and well dressed. Different ages, different stages, all loved by the Lord. Many have not been taught the truth about the Holy Eucharist and are joining in mindlessly. May God’s grace be upon them so they may understand His truth.
    As to abuses, they happen. “Liturgical dance”, for example, is a huge abuse. I cannot control these things, I can only really pray about them. 🙂

    Pax et bonum,

  • Deacon Jay

    A great day for your son, and for you. Cherish your priest, he seems like the genuine article: pouring out himself for Christ’s Church (which includes all of us). You are very blessed!

  • Patricia

    Wonderful! Congrats to you & the boy! :o) As a mom of 3 altar boys (& a 3 year old son who is sure he’ll just start serving as a pope), there is something wonderful about your son being so close to Christ’s Presence & the miracle of the Holy Eucharist!

  • Mimi