Inside the Silence at Belmont Abbey College…

Inside the Silence at Belmont Abbey College… March 4, 2015

… I got a special little place in my heart for Belmont Abbey.

Reading this article reminded me I’ve been away too long. It’s also nice to see they’ve lowered the tuition by 1/3. I’ve always thought how cruelly unfair it is that Catholic education is often too expensive for most Catholic families. But I digress.

Our State Magazine has a very nice, reflective piece about the Abbey in this month’s edition. Pop over there and check it out, and if you’re every in the Charlotte area of North Carolina make a point to visit the adoration chapel, the Grotto, and chant with the monks.

If I ever decide to take up the habit, I definitely think I’d go the Benedictine route. I look great in black.

I make this look good


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