A psychologist says Trump is dangerously crazy – and she’s his niece!

A psychologist says Trump is dangerously crazy – and she’s his niece! July 10, 2020

WHO knew Donald Trump has a psychologist for a niece who believes he’s barking mad and will lead the country to ruin if he wins a second term?

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By all accounts not many – until news hit the headlines this week that Mary L Trump, above, is  shortly to publish a book – Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man – that paints her uncle ‘in a horrifying light.’

According to Premier Christian Newswhich is asking readers to pray for Trump and “all leaders across the worldthe President’s niece offers a scathing portrayal of her uncle and blames a toxic family for raising a narcissistic, damaged man who poses an immediate danger to the public.

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She writes that Trump’s re-election would be catastrophic and that:

Lying, playing to the lowest common denominator, cheating, and sowing division are all he knows. By the time this book is published, hundreds of thousands of American lives will have been sacrificed on the altar of Donald’s hubris and wilful ignorance. If he is afforded a second term, it would be the end of American democracy.

Ms Trump is the daughter of Trump’s elder brother, Fred Jr, who died after a struggle with alcoholism in 1981 at the age of 42.

The book is the second insider account in two months to paint a deeply unflattering portrait of the Trump, comes hot on the heels of former national security adviser John Bolton’s bestseller that claim the President is not fit for office.

In her book, Ms Trump, who is estranged from her uncle, makes several revelations, including alleging that the president paid a friend to take the SATs – a standardised test widely used for college admissions –  in his place.

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Robert Trump, 72 the President’s younger brother, had unsuccessfully challenged the publication of the book , arguing in legal papers that she was subject to a 20-year-old agreement between family members that no-one would publish accounts involving core family members without their approval.

Ms Trump writes that she did not take her uncle’s run for the presidency seriously in 2016 – an opinion apparently shared by Mr Trump’s eldest sister, Maryanne , a retired federal appeals court judge who described the Orange Menace as “clown” who would never win the presidency.

Ms Trump also writes of her uncle’s ability to gain the support of prominent Christian leaders and white evangelicals, saying:

The only time Donald went to church was when the cameras were there. It’s mind boggling. He has no principles. None!

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany condemned the book, saying:

It’s ridiculous, absurd accusations that have absolutely no bearing in truth.

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And in the Daily Beast report, Robert Trump is quoted as saying:

Her attempt to sensationalize and mischaracterize our family relationship after all of these years for her own financial gain is both a travesty and injustice to the memory of my late brother, Fred, and our beloved parents. I and the rest of my entire family are so proud of my wonderful brother, the President, and feel that Mary’s actions are truly a disgrace.

After failing to block Mary Trump’s book in Queens Surrogate Court, Robert Trump took the case to his home turf, Upstate New York’s Dutchess County, where he successfully obtained a temporary restraining order from Judge Hal Greenwald. But days later an appeals court tossed the order.

Ms Trump writes that she considered speaking out against her uncle at various times, including the summer of 2016, but was reluctant to do so for fear of being painted:

As a disgruntled, disinherited niece looking to cash in or settle a score.

After the events of the last three years, she writes:

I can no longer remain silent.

Ms Trump paints her uncle, who often called her “Honeybunch”, as a self-centred narcissist who demanded constant adulation – even from his family  – and had little regard for family members’ feelings.

His crude rhetoric on the campaign trail, she says, was nothing new, reminding her:

Of every family meal I’d ever attended during which Donald had talked about all of the women he considered ugly fat slobs or the men, usually more accomplished or powerful, he called losers.

The book is, at its heart, a lengthy psychoanalysis of the Trump family by a woman trained in the field, who sees the traits of her uncle that critics despise as a natural progression of behaviours developed at the knees of a demanding father.

Fie Donald Trump, she writes:

Lying was defensive –not simply a way to circumvent his father’s disapproval or to avoid punishment … but a way to survive.

Publisher Simon & Schuster announced on Monday that it would be publishing Too Much and Never Enough two weeks early, on July 14.

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