Trump’s ‘Yo-semite’ gaffe is now a rallying call for pro-Biden Jews

Trump’s ‘Yo-semite’ gaffe is now a rallying call for pro-Biden Jews August 17, 2020

WHEN America’s Orange Menace mangled the word ‘Yosemite’ earlier this month – calling the National Park ‘Yo-semite’ – mockery and ridicule came swiftly in the wake of his blunder.

Given that Trump says something stupid every time he opens his mouth – his “Yo-semite” gaffe was followed by his assertion that the Spanish flu epidemic of 1917 ended World War II – his reference to the park would quickly have been forgotten but for one fact: a Jewish Democratic strategist/activist called Steve Rabinowitz recognised it as a great Biden campaign slogan.

Images via Biden Hebrew Merch

So now if you hop over to Biden Hebrew Merch you’ll find the slogan in the form of buttons and stickers, as well as Biden T-shirts, kippas and other tchotchkes.

According to this report, Rabinowitz asked the Grossman Marketing Group, a 100-year-old company outside Boston founded by the grandfather of politician Steve Grossman, to create Biden campaign merchandise. The company is now run by Grossman’s two sons.

Rabinowitz said all profits from the sales go to the Biden for President campaign and the Democratic Victory Fund.

Biden Hebrew Merch is part of the Jews4Joe organisation.

Trump’s gaffe came during a speech at the White House to mark the signing of The Great American Outdoors Act, which passed by large bipartisan margins in Congress and will commit billions in conservation and maintenance of public lands.

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