Christian militias must prepare for another American civil war

Christian militias must prepare for another American civil war September 16, 2020

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NEITHER the American War of Independence nor the civil war delivered freedom and equality for all, so third war is ‘inevitable,’ says evangelical pastor Rick Joyner, above, who heads MorningStar Ministries in North Carolina.

According to Newsweek, Joyner – a guest this week on The Jim Bakker Show – urged Christians to “mobilise” to fight a civil war against left-wing activists.

Joyner, who recently described Black Lives Matter protesters as the “KKK of this time”, said:

We’re in time for war. We need to recognise that. We need to mobilise.

He said he’d seen in a dream that “militias would pop up like mushrooms” and they would be backed by God.

The pastor went on to say that God had “seeded” the US with veterans of recent wars who “know how to fight in urban warfare.” These veterans – Joyner called them “patriots” – would:

Be a part of the leadership of these militias and help us in what’s about to unfold in our own country. These are going to be those who know what the tyranny of Marxism is, and they have seen its evidence and the cruelty of some other ideologies, and all that is out there. God has prepared us for this.

Joyner later told Newsweek that he discourages people from joining racist or extremist militia groups.

Though militias have gotten a bad name in recent times for their often racist or other extremist views, to have a militia is a constitutional right (first part of the Second Amendment).

The pastor also said that a new civil war is necessary from “heaven’s perspective” because the Revolutionary War and the Civil War did not fully accomplish their goals, so another “revolution/civil war was now inevitable.”

Joyner has been a vocal Donald Trump supporter. In a June 2017 Facebook Live video, he said:

By the end of Trump’s presidency, he will be considered one of the greatest presidents we’ve had since the founders.

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