Victoria ‘declares war on Christians’ by banning conversion therapy

Victoria ‘declares war on Christians’ by banning conversion therapy February 13, 2021

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WEARING my Pink Triangle Trust hat, I reported last week that Victoria had voted to criminalise conversion therapy and that Spain is now considering introducing similar legislation this summer.

Some Christians in Victoria were appalled by the move, none more so than Bill Muehlenberg, above, an American-Australian fundie who uses his CultureWatch blog to vent his fury over the “persecution” of  True Believers™ in Australia and to express his hatred of LGBT communities.

In a paranoid post under the headline “Living As Outlaws – Life in Victoria” the secretary of the Family Council of Victoria described the Victorian legislation as a “declaration of war” against Christians who:

Care about people, want to be able to help others, and want to be able to share truth and affirm things like biology and reality.  

This “care” is especially applied to people with ” unwanted sexual attractions” – a popular trope among “gay cure” advocates who simply don’t want people to be homosexual. I’ve frequently stumped these loons by asking whether they would extend the same “care” to heterosexuals wanting to turn gay. I’ve yet to be given  a satisfactory reply.

In his piece “The Mule”, as he is known to his many detractors,  wrote that, for daring to “care”:

We have been turned into renegades, outlaws and outsiders. The State has declared war on us, and is now on a search and destroy mission. It wants to find every single one of us recalcitrants and lock us up in prison or heavily fine us.

Will this finally be the wakeup call we all need? Guess what folks? The time for playing games is now over.

Given that Christians are the main group being targeted here, we need to be aware of what is really going on. We either commit to standing for Christ regardless of the dire consequences, or we renounce our faith altogether and admit it was all just a charade. We must choose now.

Referring to the legislation itself, “The Mule” claims:

It was always shambolic and fraudulent. It relied on just over a dozen stories of those who claimed to have been hurt by ‘conversion therapy’. What was wilfully overlooked were all those who have been harmed by the homosexual lifestyle, and all those who have in fact been delivered out of it.

So now we have one of the most draconian versions of this type of legislation found anywhere in the world, and all of us who opposed this radical agenda have become criminals overnight.

Of course many people – including myself – had warned for quite some time just how bad this bill was, and how damaging it would be.

In Nazi Germany, Communist Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union we of course saw the same sort of thing happening routinely. Who knew that Victoria would choose to go down this same path?

Who knew that so much of the West would descend into similar levels of tyranny and anti-Christian persecution? In sum, only a miracle can save Victoria now. Thankfully we Christians do serve a miracle-working God. So we need to pray like we have never prayed before. Only divine intervention will be able to save us at this stage.

Muehlenberg’s craziness once prompted atheist Richie Craze to set up an anti-Muehlenberg blog which became defunct after the creator – according to “The Mule” – found Jesus.

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