‘Effete’ pastor and a ‘gay unicorn’ ignites fury over at Protes†ia

‘Effete’ pastor and a ‘gay unicorn’ ignites fury over at Protes†ia April 18, 2021

A LOOPY website called Protes†ia – dedicated to ‘providing alternative Christian news in an age of widespread censorship’ – is having conniptions over the fact that a Calgary pastor praised authorities for shutting down a church headed by plague rat priest James Coates.

And it’s particularly outraged over the fact that Reverend Greg Glatz’s Knox United Church “has a gay unicorn as their church logo.”

Images via YouTube and Knox United

Glatz, above, incurred the wrath of Protes†ia  by issuing a press release in which he denounced Coates’ GraceLife Church for staying open and voicing his pleasure over the fact that church had been shut down.

Glatz had written:

Today, judgment has been rendered. Too bad it took so long.

A barrier was erected around the church by Alberta Health Services and law enforcement weeks after Coates spent over a month incarcerated “as a prisoner of conscience.”

Coates and the shuttered church. Images via YouTube.

Shortly after the closure, protesters tried to tear down barrier, but were stopped by 200 armed riot police.

In an interview with CTV News Glatz elaborated:

I think it’s important for order and good government to show that we are working with government and its public health orders as much as we can. I think that when a church takes an anti-government stance or an anti-science stance or an anti-medicine stance, it’s really putting its own members at risk and it’s putting order in society at risk as well.

Protes†ia whinged:

This is not the first time the hireling has come out against the embattled Church. Naturally, the so-called ‘pastor’ of Knox United Church quoted the Bible in his statement in order to add weight and gravitas to the seriousness of the transgressions of GraceLife, using Romans 13 as a cudgel to condemn the church for disobeying the governing authorities and not ‘staying safe’ as they have.

‘Hellbound false converts’

The name itself of this church, Knox United, goes along with Protes†ia’s First Theorem of Ecclesiology, which states that any church that has the word “United” in it is probably a hellbound cauldron of false converts.

This one is certainly no exception.

 The church website proudly boasts that ‘Knox United Church is an Affirming congregation in the United Church of Canada. If you’re lesbian, gay, bi, trans, two-spirited, queer, and/or straight – we affirm and celebrate who you are!’

The effete pastor has his personal pronouns in his bio, is pro-choice, and has a gay unicorn as their church logo, one that is featured prominently across their social media and church website. 

No seriously. They do.

This church is populated by wolves and wolvettes, bare of any believers other than the odd passerby who visits one Sunday after getting lost in the neighborhood. 

This pastor and their members hate God, hate Christ, and hate the Bible.

Any press release they issue condemning a faithful, biblical Chruch (sic) like GraceLife will simply heap more condemnation upon them.

It added:

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