Saudi deploys robots to deliver ‘miracle water’ to Hajj pilgrims

Saudi deploys robots to deliver ‘miracle water’ to Hajj pilgrims July 23, 2021

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TODAY I learned a whole bunch of eye-rolling stuff about Zamzam water, sourced from a well in Mecca.

What I could not find out is why, in pre-Covid-19 days, fountains that dispensed the liquid were available to men only. So I’m left with no choice but to assume it’s simply part of Islam’s inherent misogyny.

My interest in the water was sparked by a Religion News Service report that said, in an effort to keep COVID-19 transmission to a minimum, Saudi authorities have deployed 20 robots to serve Zamzam water bottles to “often bemused pilgrims.”

The report used an old image showing pilgrims filling cups of the water from fountains with “men only” signs.

Image via YouTube

What I did learn from Islamic YouTuber Shaykh Ammar Al Shukry, above, is that a buddy of the “prophet” Mohammed spent 30 days in Mecca living only on Zamzam … and miraculously gained weight!

Much more info about Zamzam was provided by Mohammed Francis, “a UK national, father, and college teacher” on his Inside Saudi blog. Calling it Zam Zam, he claims it’s a great substance for expelling demons during exorcisms.

During the actual exorcism, Zam Zam water is sprayed or sprinkled over the patient in order to burn and torment the Jinn possessing the individual. Jinn spirits (non-Muslims) hate this water and also because Quranic verses are prayed over the water before use.

This fact is buried in a post headed “Zam Zam – 20 Compelling Reasons Why I Won’t Drink Normal Water Again” in which Francis lists some of its other qualities:

• You can survive 15 or 40 days drinking only Zam Zam

• Zam Zam Water Tastes like Milk

• Zam Zam water Can Cure Diseases

• Prophet Mohammed’s (SAW) Heart was Washed in Zam Zam

• Zam Zam Can Cure Baldness

• Zam Zam Has High Arsenic Levels

• Zam Zam Positively Affects the Human Energy Field

• Drinking Zam Zam Water can Help you Live Longer

Jumping Jehovah! This is from a man who says “I absolutely love working in higher education.”

Anyway, back to those robots.

Despite the loss in revenue COVID has cost the national treasury, Saudi Arabia has allowed only 60,000 vaccinated Saudi Arabians to attend Hajj this year, down from the millions who normally visit from around the world.

Normally, many pilgrims take some of the liquid home, as passengers on outbound flights from Saudi Arabia are allowed to take up to five litres aboard their return flights.

But with many fewer pilgrims going to Mecca for hajj and umrah, the flow of Zamzam out of Saudi Arabia has slowed to a trickle, inducing some desperate measures to acquire the liquid as supplies in some areas have dried up due to pandemic-induced supply disruptions.

Last month a police operation in Malaysia uncovered an attempt to smuggle some $50,000 in Zamzam water into the country.

A statement to the media from Malaysian law enforcement said:

The modus operandi in smuggling Zamzam water is to declare it as juices and drinking water to avoid a higher tariff.

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