UK judge jails Muslim doctor, branding him a ‘religious fanatic’

UK judge jails Muslim doctor, branding him a ‘religious fanatic’ September 21, 2021

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BACK in 2019, National Health Service (NHS) doctor Hossam Metwally, above  – an anaesthetist and chronic pain specialist –  was arrested and charged with poisoning his partner, a former nurse, in an attempt to exorcise her.

The Egyptian-trained medic’s eight-week-long grievious bodily harm trial ended this week when he was jailed for 14-and-a-half years for almost killing Kelly Wilson in an Islamic exorcism ritual.

Metwally, 61, made dozens of video recordings of himself administering fluids through a cannula to Wilson while chanting.

Kelly, now 33, was left close to death at Metwally’s home in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, where she was found on July 4 2019, the morning after the ritual. She was rushed to hospital in a deep coma and on the brink of cardiac arrest with multiple organ failure.

In sentencing Metwally, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, the Recorder at Sheffield Crown Court, said:

You are a disgrace to your profession. You will not be a doctor for very much longer. I trust you will never, ever be a doctor again.

You perverted medical practice for your own ends. You are also not a very good doctor because, in these perverted practices, you very nearly killed the woman you said you loved.

The judge labelled Metwally a “religious fanatic” who had displayed “not a shred of remorse”, adding he had never seen a trial like it during his 41-year legal career.

Metwally, who worked at Grimsby’s Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, also ran a private pain clinic from his home. He met Wilson when she was a student nurse eight years ago.

The court also heard that Metwally took pictures and videos of the women, without their knowledge and undressed, when they attended his clinic for treatment. He also altered some of the images to make them appear indecent and erotic.

Metwally, who qualified as a doctor in Egypt and worked in Saudi Arabia before coming to the UK in 1996, had a “vast stock of drugs” at his home, including ampoules of ketamine, propofol, fentanyl and Diazemuls.

The trial heard that he “fed” Wilson’s drug addiction and administered potentially lethal anaesthetic drugs to perform Islamic exorcism rituals known as Ruqyah, a “valid practice” that an imam told the court would never involve drugs or sedation.

Extracts from 200 video clips recorded by Metwally over four years were shown to the jury, including Wilson strapped to a bed and in a bath.

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