Female college student wallops preacher who denounced female education

Female college student wallops preacher who denounced female education September 16, 2021

PREACHERS who crawl into spaces where they don’t belong should take heed of the treatment meted out to one of their ilk who said women  “belong in the kitchen, they shouldn’t be in college.”

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The preacher, later exposed as Bible pest Daniel Wayne Rusk, above, made the mistake of coming onto the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham to preach “really misogynic stuff”. He then tried to flee, crying “oh, oh, oh” as a female student beat the crap out of him.

According to this report, the incident occurred at the UAB campus on Tuesday afternoon:

A man and woman identifying themselves as preachers were attacked by a person believed to be a student.

A witness to the incident captured the altercation on camera. It shows the assailant knocking the preacher to the ground, then holding him in a headlock.

It was then that UAB campus police intervened.

The university provided few details when asked to comment. UAB spokesman Tyler Greer said:

There was a concerning, very unfortunate altercation on campus yesterday between demonstrators and what appeared to be a student. We cannot comment further at this time, as this is an ongoing investigation.

After the debacle at UAB, Rusk was arrested for “disorderly conduct/disturbing peace/affray and simple assault 3rd degree. It appears he wasn’t charged.

Note: Rusk’s sign reads in full:

Young women: you don’t need college; you need FAITH, a BIBLE and a good cook book.

Rusk is not a fan of yoga pants … or lesbians:

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