Disney bows down to BRAVE fans

Disney bows down to BRAVE fans May 15, 2013

This astute blog post from a media studies professor (yes, there are quite a few of us out there!) shares an update on the Princess Merida brouhaha: Disney has pulled the 2D image of the new version of the doll from their website, most likely from the negative media blitz and petition with over 120,000 signatures saying we all prefer our archer princess without the turquoise eye shadow and push-up bra, thanks.

The Christian Science Monitor weighed in with a piece that went directly to the source, asking a seven year old fan which version she preferred. No surprise, the sexed-up Merida drew forth an unqualified “Yuck!”

It just goes to show, in this age of 24-7 news and instantaneous public floods of emotion (including outrage) that can be registered in the digital arena, manufacturers and corporations are closely watched to see if they listen to consumers, and if their brand might suffer they’ll respond accordingly. So good on ya, Disney.

Now: will there be an archery range installed at your theme parks any time soon?







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