Family Advent Traditions (via Twitter)

Family Advent Traditions (via Twitter) December 2, 2018

On Twitter, I asked for people’s Advent traditions. Here are some of the best responses.

My family wasn’t big on Advent traditions. We just lit an Advent wreath on Sunday at dinner and maybe a few other days of the week during dinner.

Advent Wreaths and Calendars

Advent Wreaths are popular but this family goes a little further.

Instead of buying an Advent calendar, this family makes ornaments each day.

This mom makes her own pouches to be a kind of Advent calendar for her family.

Here’s a reverse Advent calendar as an act of charity.

Some even made a suggested ist for the reverse Advent calendar.

Stories and Prayers

This family has daily scripture readings and prayers.

Two families said they read these books.

This family has a star to remind them to pray.

Little Good Deeds or Sacrifices

This family has a sacrifice jar.

This family does a little deed each day.


In the Mexican tradition, there is a specific party called a Posada during Advent.

The Filipinos have something similar called “Simbang Gabi.”

I don’t know which you want to do but hopefully one or more of these helps you live Advent well.

Picture from the tweet of Virginia (@GloryslyDifrent)
Picture from the tweet of Virginia (@GloryslyDifrent)

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