14 Mind-Blowing Signs at March for Life 2019

14 Mind-Blowing Signs at March for Life 2019 January 18, 2019

On Friday, January 18, thousands in the pro-life movement marched in DC for an end to abortion. I took pictures of some of the best signs. Here you go (titles link to Tweets).

1. This woman is glad she walked out of an abortion clinic

2. The way we respect different forms of life should lead us to respect unborn heartbeats

3. Everyone deserves to live

 4. I saw a bunch of signs pointing out the science in support of life. I liked this sign the most out of them

5. #MeToo should include the most vulnerable, the unborn

6. Some brought memes offline like this young man

7. These people from India pointed out how the US pushes abortion on developing countries

8. The most fundamental right

9. Nobody should be killed because they are inconvenient

10. The better version of MAGA: Make Adoption Great Again

11. No matter what your other beliefs are, you can be pro-life

12. Ronald Reagan said something about those who aren’t pro-life

If it wasn’t clear from these previous three, I think people in both parties should fully endorse pro-life positions as congruent with their principles.

13. Here’s a man standing strong not only on the pro-life message

We need to pray that people like this get strength.

14. We need to protect babies with Down’s syndrome from abortion

Abortion rates for Down’s syndrome are astronomical and as genetic tests improve, I fear other conditions will have abortion rates like this.


  1. These photos are all mine.
  2. I grant permission to use these pictures on social media with three conditions: no editing or cropping, link back to this page, and ask me if you are using it for promotional material or fundraising.

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