Both Republicans and Democrats Should Be 100% Pro-Life

Both Republicans and Democrats Should Be 100% Pro-Life June 4, 2019
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I recently wrote about the need for both parties to be pro-life and how this matches the principles of each party. The National Catholic Register just published it.

Protecting the most vulnerable killed through abortion is a fundamental civil rights issue. It shouldn’t be a political issue that is different between the two parties.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate, so often it is an issue that divides the two main parties. However, if we go back to the principles of both parties, we see strong evidence they should be pro-life.

Let’s examine each of the two main political parties.

Recently, the Democratic Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, came out against abortion unlike most of his party. […]

Edwards invokes his Catholic faith. Historically, the Democrats were often the Catholic party, reaching a peak of 78% of the Catholic vote when Kennedy ran in 1960 (according to Gallup). […]

Right now, Republican politicians tend to vote for pro-life bills and against pro-abortion bills at a much higher rate. However, it is worth asking what in their principles engenders this.

The rest is over on The Register’s site.


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