Giveaway: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Book, T-Shirt, Owl

Giveaway: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Book, T-Shirt, Owl June 30, 2014

Do you believe in evil?

Deliver Us From Evil opens Wednesday and we are giving away some cool goodies courtesy of the film.

First Winner will receive a Deliver Us From Evil T-shirt, a promotional toy owl, and the book Deliver Us From Evil (formerly Beware of the Night) by Ralph Sarchie. Second prize will win the T-shirt.

The movie depicts a cop, played by Eric Bana, who comes up against forces he does not believe in, but who are powerful nonetheless. He finds evil spirits, beings he thought had died out with superstitions, and realizes he needs help from the experts.

To enter our contest, leave a comment below telling us if you believe spirits exist or describing an event you witnessed that can’t be explained. We’ll pick a random winner on Friday. One entry per household, please.

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12 responses to “Giveaway: ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Book, T-Shirt, Owl”

  1. Sure, spirits exist! My grandmothers sister was a psychic. Many experiences with the paranormal 😀

  2. I don’t believe in them. I am open to be proven wrong, though. I actively try to put myself into situations that could be supernatural in nature, to try and be convinced!

  3. You don’t have to see to believe. I have not seen any spirits but do believe they exist.

  4. Yes I believe in evil spirits and I kept having these dreams that something bad was going to happen on my birthday which is on 9/11 before it happened and as everyone knows it was something unforgettable.

  5. I really don’t believe in evil spirits either. I honestly think that the toy owl is going to be the creepiest part of the movie. Does the promotional owl make the same noise?

  6. I totally believe, I’ve had several experiences from footprints in the snow with no start or end. Melted candle that was gone then appeared in the same spot, melted with a fist print in it. Rattling China, music in the closet etc..

  7. Yes, I believe that there are things that are unexplained, and can’t really be explained. I once had an eerie encounter back in 2001, and it was with what many would call a shadow being, a spirit entity. My encounter only lasted a few seconds. But it was in the daytime, just after noon, around 12:30pm. I was at work. I was a groundskeeper for an apartment complex. Anyways, in a flash of a few seconds, about fifteen feet in front of me, I saw the profile of a black three dimensional silhouette in the shape of a person that looked as if it was wearing a jacket with a hood over its head! It moved really quickly, it did not have any legs from the knees down from what I could see, and it looked as if it was sliding across the ground! Then it just disappeared! I have to say that I have never seen anything like this before, or since! Thankfully! This was a very scary and strange experience that I hope I never have to go through ever again.

    oliverspendulum at yahoo dot com

  8. I do believe, but am not sure *what* I believe. Are these things really spirits of people who have passed on? Or are they something else? I do have an odd story of something that happened to me. A little while after my grandfather had passed, his ashes were still in my grandparent’s home in his funerary urn. I stayed the night in the living room on the couch one night, but couldn’t sleep. At about 3a.m. I heard footsteps coming from the back bedroom toward the kitchen. I got up to see who it was and as I rounded the corner I was met by… absolutely nothing. There was no one there. The noise was clearly rhythmic, heavy footsteps that changed distinctively when they left the carpeted area to the linoleum kitchen floor. Creeped me out!!!

  9. The spirit world is absolutely real. Most modern people are probably less sensitive to the existence of spirits than people used to be. My dad grew up in Southeast Asia in the 1930’s, where the existence of ghosts and spirits was a given. No one “didn’t believe in ghosts”. He himself had out of body experiences, and witnessed spiritual cleansings that including exorcisms and speaking in tongues. These occurrences weren’t unusual back then. They still occur today, but it seems the majority of public opinion is not willing to acknowledge the authenticity of spiritual phenomena.

  10. I believe in spirits and have since my little brother passed away at only four and a half years old.