Final Turing Question List

Final Turing Question List June 29, 2011

Thanks for all your input, and here’s the final list of questions (the final additions are in italics):

Christian questions:

  • What’s your best reason for being a Christian?
  • What evidence or experience (if any) would cause you to stop believing in God?
  • Why do you believe Christianity has a stronger claim to truth than other religions/On what basis do you reject the truth claims of other traditions and denominations but accept your own?
  • How do you read the Bible? Do you study the history of its translations?  How do you decide which translations/versions/books are the true Bible?  How does it guide you if you have a moral or theological dilemma?  [This question has come up before, if you remember this plea for guest posts]

Atheist questions:

  • What’s your best reason for being an atheist?
  • What evidence or experience (if any) would cause you to believe in God? If you believed in some kind of god, what kind of evidence would be necessary to convince you to join a particular religion?
  • When you have ethical and moral disputes with other people, what do you appeal to? What metric do you use to examine your moral intuitions/cultural sensibilities/etc?
  • Why is religion so persistent? We have had political revolutions, artistic revolutions, an industrial revolution, and also religious reformations of several kinds, but religion endures. Does this not suggest its basic truth?

Starting Monday, I’ll be posting the contestants answers to the list of questions for atheists, and at the end of the week, I’ll post a google form to let you vote for which post you think were written by true atheists and which were done by Christians.  The next week, I’ll post everyone’s responses to the list of Christian questions and run a second poll.

The third week: STATISTICS!  <– hurrah.

I’m quite looking forward to this.

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