Last Call for Turing Test Questions!

Last Call for Turing Test Questions! June 28, 2011

I’ve already posted three questions each for the Christian and Atheist rounds of the upcoming ideological Turing Test.  I’ll be making and posting the final list of questions tonight, so it’s your last chance to look over the shortlist and weigh in.

Please post any question-related comments in the shortlist thread, to make my life easier.  If you want to comment in this thread, I’m all ears for suggestion about possible prizes for the Christian Best at Imitating Atheists and vice versa.  (Besides eternal fame and glory).

And here’s a fun final twist to the competition: my nice Catholic boyfriend will also be playing, and he and I have a private competition running to see which of us does better at passing undetected when we imitate the other side.  Game on.

"Back to Square 1 ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Season 3!G.657BW.CO/d5573Y"

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