Keep Calm and Report Bugs

Keep Calm and Report Bugs April 26, 2013

As you’ve noticed, Disqus is now the commenting system here at Unequally Yoked and across all of Patheos.  The higher ups have migrated nearly all old comments through, but anything you posted here over about the last two days is still being transferred in the mop up import.  New comments will stay up.

As we’re all adjusting, please use this post for three kinds of comments:

  • Bug Reports – things that are wrong with the new Disqus set-up (can’t post, comments not showing up, etc)
  • Feature Requests – things you know Disqus can do (or that you’ve seen on other Disqus-enabled blogs that you’d like me to consider incorporating
  • Anything else – pretty much exactly what it says on the tin

So, this will be one of our structured comment thread posts.  Post only in reply to the relevant top comment (linked above).  And…

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