Help me pack books for my trip Down Under!

Help me pack books for my trip Down Under! April 6, 2015

Make an addition to my bookshelf!
Make an addition to my bookshelf!

Wednesday afternoon, I’m getting on a plane for New Zealand.  I’ll be speaking at the Auckland Eucharistic Convention and doing a Theology on Tap in Sydney.

It’s a very long series of flights, plus my mom (who’s travelling with me) and I like to walk in parks and pause to read when we travel, so I could use some recommendations for what I take on my kindle.

Here’s what I’ve already got that I’m planning to read:

Here are some books I’ve been eyeing and am considering picking up:

Send me your suggestions, but I’m particularly interested in books set in New Zealand or Australia, if you have any recommendations on that front!

(Yes, I have read Bill Bryson’s In a Sunburned Country — but I might pick up the ebook and reread it)


Oooh, just snagged Wesley Hill’s Spiritual Friendship, so that’s definitely going on my plane reading list.  I love reading Spiritual Friendship (the blog), where Wesley and a number of other contributors write on ways to develop and support non-marital vocations of love.  A lot of their posts have changed the way I interact with my friends and the way I try to use my house in order to be more hospitable.


Speaking of books, I’m sending an email update on my book (Arriving at Amen: Seven Catholic Prayers that Even I Can Offer) and how its cover came to be this Wednesday, so sign up now if you want to get the details.  And if you pop on over to Amazon, you can finally look past the cover and read an excerpt.

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