What Would Jesus Say If He Was Seated at Our Table for Thanksgiving?

What Would Jesus Say If He Was Seated at Our Table for Thanksgiving? November 23, 2023

Pumpkins with sign that says Give Thanks
Give Thanks! Not just at Thanksgiving, do it every day! Image courtesy of the author.

Thanksgiving week has my thoughts gearing up to write about the many blessings in my life. While this is probably the expected direction to take, my mind is also pondering a different perspective altogether. It in no way changes the fact that I have boundless things in which to give thanks for in my life, and I do! My gratitude is poured out abundantly all throughout the year. This Thanksgiving, however, I’d like to challenge you with the same question that I’ve been asking myself. For just a moment, let’s imagine together, that Jesus is seated at our Thanksgiving Day table… “What would Jesus say to us?”

The possibilities are endless, don’t you think?

Wondering What Jesus Would Say:

  • I wonder if Jesus might speak up and share one of His parables with us at that very moment?
  • Would He remind us of past prayer requests, that have since been answered, and speak of His Father’s faithfulness?
  • Could Jesus simply caution us to slow down the pace, in order to reflect upon all of our many blessings? 
  • Might He nudge us towards being genuinely thankful for the loved ones who surround us; while simultaneously comforting us as we think of those who are not?
  • Would Jesus tell us how much He loves us?
  • Is it safe to assume that He might lead the prayer to give thanks for the food set before us?

Obviously, there are no right answers for what Jesus would choose to say. Whatever He chose to speak to us, would no doubt, be profound.

Jesus Knows Us Intimately

Our Bibles tell us that Jesus loves us and that He desires a “personal relationship” with each one of us. Jesus knows us intimately, so I think it is fair to assume that He might not say the same thing at each of our tables.

As I pause to think about that, I find it amazing that He knows us that well. Think about the number of people in this world for just a moment. Doesn’t it seem impossible that Jesus can relate to every single one of us, in a unique way, one on one?

Maybe if Jesus were seated at our table, He would simply extend the invitation to come spend time with Him.

Every single one of us is given the opportunity to interact with Jesus, but ultimately the choice is ours. He will not force Himself upon us.

Nothing is Hidden from Jesus

This Thanksgiving, please know that it is okay if there are things in your life that make you struggle to feel thankful. By human standards, it seems wrong to say such a thing, because we know in our hearts that we truly do have so much to give thanks for. But it does not change the fact that we endure hardships and painful things in our lives that affect us in adverse ways. We live with the expectations that we are supposed to always feel thankful, and when we struggle to do so, it can leave us feeling overwhelmed with guilt.

Let this be a reminder that Jesus knows the tiniest details of our insecurities and dilemmas, and He understands them. Jesus experienced pain Himself, and sadly, He suffered greatly too.

As I think of what Jesus might say to us as we battle such emotions, I can almost picture Him pulling us aside, away from the others at the table. Then I can imagine Him whispering words of encouragement to us. It’s even likely that He’d remind us that His own life was riddled with persecution, trials and accusations.

Jesus loves us, and understands us in ways that no other person can! There is no reason to pretend for Jesus, so lean into Him. Allow Jesus to redeem the things that are hurting, and embrace the love that He offers. 

Ups and Downs, Triumphs and Failures

Acknowledging that I have good and bad things in my life doesn’t mean that I am not grateful or blessed!  Not at all! It is part of my story, and part of the journey that God has placed my feet upon. The ups and downs, the triumphs and the failures have all shaped my life in some way. Every little detail plays a part in making me the woman God has uniquely called me to be.

God Has Been Preparing the Way

Here’s the part where I must stop to give God Praise for all of the new opportunities He’s made possible. It feels as if He has opened the windows of Heaven to pour out His favor upon me. Years of wishful thoughts, prayers, and dreams are converging in ways that are allowing me to see God’s hand working in my life in new ways. For all of this, I am abundantly grateful!

Admittedly, there have been seasons when I really didn’t see God moving me toward my dreams. Understandably, in those times it was easy to get discouraged, and imagine it never coming to pass.

Now however, God is reminding me of a favorite Bible verse! It is Romans 8:28.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Thank you God for calling me, and revealing new parts of Your plan for me! I am excited, and eager to follow where You lead.

God is working in my life, even in times when I can not see it! Image courtesy of the author.

Look for Things to Praise God For in Your Life

This may be a strange kind of Thanksgiving week post to some. But I am hopeful that it will resonate with those who are having a little trouble with simply feeling thankful. Many people experience difficulty during the holidays, so you are not alone.

Let me encourage you to look for things you are thankful for, because God deserves to be praised. As for the other stuff, know that Jesus is there for you. You are not alone, you are loved, and you are seen!

Jesus Expressed Thankfulness to God All Throughout His Life

To answer my own question for what I think Jesus might say at Thanksgiving, I think of all the times He gave thanks to His Father throughout His ministry. Jesus would assuredly point to the Father as the resource for all good things.

Publicly giving thanks to the Father was a repeated theme in Jesus’ ministry. Here are a couple of examples:

  • He thanked Him for providing food. John 6:11
  • He thanked Him for hearing His prayers. John 11:41

I have been watching The Chosen, and the series does a wonderful job of showing the thankfulness of Jesus. In every miracle, the actor portrays Jesus lifting his eyes toward Heaven. He  prays and offers words of thanksgiving to His Father. I love that vision of Jesus being thankful to His Father, because it is teaching me to do the same.

Jesus would most assuredly say that we should give Thanks To The Father! I’ll go first! Thank you Father God, Holy Spirit and Jesus for the blessings that are too many to number in my life. I feel undeserving, and humbled at all Your hand has done for me and my family. THANK YOU IS NOT ENOUGH!

Happy Thanksgiving From My Family to Yours!





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