January 3, 2016

January is the month of the Roman god Janus, god of doors and gateways, of entrances and exits. Even if we celebrate a different date for the beginning of our sacred year, January 1st as the beginning of the secular year is a time when we look forward and back. Read more

November 29, 2015

Many of us work with the concept of Will – True Will, Magickal Will, Acts of Will. By this we do not mean will to power, or will as another word for ‘want’. We mean finding the true voice within and discerning it form all the babble of competing desires and thoughts, emotions and hopes, fears and fantasies. Read more

October 30, 2015

To honor Samhain let us live for a day as though it is our last. Let us see dawn and sunset and the beauty of the sky as though we might not see them again. Let us listen to the song of the birds as though they might not sing for us again. Let us live for a day, focused intensely in the absolute reality of the present, as though past and future do not exist. Read more

September 14, 2015

On Saturday September 12th a group of Pagans gathered at the village of Garrigal in the north of England, not far south of Hadrian’s Wall and the border with Scotland. We were there to honor one of the ‘ancestors’ of contemporary Paganism, Eleanor Bone and to celebrate the placing of a memorial stone on her grave. Read more

August 19, 2015

What does religion mean to us in this era of ours? Our science fiction and fantasy have taken the place of the folklore and myth of old, but in essence they are same – our human longings to understand how our consciousness came to be, to understand what we can do on our planet, to understand if we can go beyond the confines of our planet, beyond our solar system, can we reach out into the galaxies to find others such as we? Read more

July 24, 2015

If the Gods provide, then people want to thank them, so in all our different ancestral cultures we created rites and ceremonies, actions and words, to honor the Gods who kept us fed and to thank them so they would continue to do so. Read more

June 17, 2015

At Midsummer we invoke Belisama, the Bright One, Lady of Summer. Some say she is the bright golden sunlight; others that she is more fiery, a Lady of Battles and Arrows. We find her in France and we find her in the Milan region of northern Italy, where Celtic tribes came seeking new lands. Read more

May 22, 2015

Standing poised between two different influences can be difficult – it is simpler to go with one or the other, but Pagans would not be Pagans if we did not like doing difficult things. Read more

April 23, 2015

Taking pleasure in the world is Pagan. Paganism is about the here and now, about appreciating what is around us. Read more

March 20, 2015

Last week the world’s media announced the death of British fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett . After 70 books, 70 million sales in 37 languages, and 44 years as a professional author, one of the wittiest, cleverest, and insightful writers passed into the Great Beyond, but the work that he has done for literature and for charity lives on. Read more

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