Peaceful Resistance is Not Being a Doormat

Peaceful Resistance is Not Being a Doormat June 12, 2014

I think there is a lot of misunderstanding around what peaceful resistance or non-violent resistance is.

There’s some perception that meeting violence with peace makes you look weak but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When done right, peaceful resistance completely destroys the opposition.

I think the key difference is in one’s own confidence and self-respect.

When you see someone being passive and they’re begging someone not to hurt them, or they’re trying to placate the other person, that is not peaceful resistance. That does come across as weak. And that’s what we’d call being a doormat; letting people “walk all over you.”

But when someone has the attitude of no matter what you do to me, you cannot break me that is a lot of power. When someone remains self assured in the face of oppression, it changes the world.

You can see the bullies becoming agitated. The more calm their enemy is, the less in control they feel and there’s nothing a bully hates more than to not feel in control. For many people, the reason they have weapons is to feel in control. A person who is not intimidated by their weapons or their threats is terrifying to them. That person gains all the control.

There’s a fantastic example of this in the movie The Long Walk Home. It’s about the Civil Rights movement in America. Two young black boys are on a bus when they start being harassed by some white boys the same age. The older of the two black boys (who are brothers) gets them off the bus, not responding to the taunts. But the other boys follow them.

Out in a park the white boys start hitting the older brother and he does not say anything and he does not hit back. But every time they knock him down, he silently stands back up and stares them in the face.

Over and over he refuses to give in to their bullying and every time he struggles back up no matter how much they knock him down. Fear begins to grow in the eyes of the white boys. They realize that there is nothing they can do to break this boy and it scares the hell out of them. Finally they run away.

Certainly getting hit sucks, but the ability to not surrender to it is incredibly powerful.

Even more so when you have an audience. If you can stay strong against force greater than your own in front of others, it sends a real message. The person using force on you looks like a horrible human being and people lose respect for him, hurting someone who is not fighting back and does not have weapons. You gain all that respect and you will likely be looked at as a martyr, to be praised and idolized.

When someone rattles you, gets under your skin, you start responding on their level and you both look like idiots. It happens all the time with Internet trolls. Once you start screaming back at a jerk on the Internet, you lose a lot of your own credibility. This is “sinking to their level.”

Plus, if people continue to respond to violence with peace, eventually the oppressors HAVE to change tactics because the violence is not producing any result.

I don’t know who I would be if faced with a situation of oppression. I might be the doormat, though I hope I would be the confident person resisting. I don’t look down on people who are not strong enough to be that person, but I have enormous respect for those who have maintained non-violent resistance in the face of oppression.
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  • Jeramy Hansen

    I don’t know that I’d be strong enough to engage in non-violent resistance. I think I’d be far too likely to hit back.

  • badtooth

    internet trolls are always funny. all you have to do is call them a dumb racists and they run away crying.
    ya know what nietzche said, “when fighting monsters, one must be careful not to become the monster he fights. ”
    the thing is non-violent resistance didn’t work until cameras and international news was created.

    • Ambaa

      I would say that the strength of the passive resistance is what brought the cameras and the attention because it was so riveting and so unexpected.

      • badtooth

        true. i’m just saying that without the news reports and the pictures showing british troops shooting unarmed people there would be no moral outrage. that say in the 1500s you wouldn’t have gotten the same traction. the army would have just kept shooting them. out of sight out of mind.
        the age of empire begins to fall apart when the atrocities that hold empires together are suddenly exposed to the home population.

        • Ambaa

          Perhaps. I still think there’s a lot of power in not giving in to the other person even when no one is watching.

    • Amar

      Again wrong, argue on merit of facts not on color of skin. Everyone knows that this is a sure shot, thus it’s like running away from debate.
      I’m neither in favor of violence nor in nonviolence. Varied degree of both as according to situation is my way.

      • badtooth

        what the fuck are you taling about? what does color of skin have to do with anything?
        what am i wrong about?

        • Amar

          all you have to do is call them a dumb racists and they run away crying.
          Aren’t these your words, why will someone call racist instead of telling him, that you are wrong.
          Your choice of words shows your hollowness.

          • badtooth

            oh. i was being sarcastic. sobarX called me a troll and a dumb racist. too long to explain. you would of had to been here 22 days ago and read the other post to get it.
            anyway, i aways thought only hollow people call other…. you’re funny dude. 😉 lol.

          • Amar

            then you should have used better words, or was this too a troll?

          • badtooth

            yes i’m a troll. whatever that means? can you explain what a troll is to me? and what exactly makes me hollow?

          • Amar

            what the fuck are you taling about? was that word uset to incite me?

          • badtooth

            no, i was bewildered as to what the fuck you were talking about? i used the word fuck to show the deepth of said bewilderment. simple as that.

          • Amar

            you have had watched you comment rather using these kind of derogatory words.

  • The situation here in America is different than in India. Completely different. It DOES not matter whether you are calm or ready to fight. The invaders will do what are ordered to do, period. They do not respond to anything less than equal or greater violence. That is all they know, and nonviolent resistance looks “safe” to them. The bullies you speak of in the black-white example are just kids, not battled-hardened soldiers fighting since they were children. That does not work on them, at all. The mistake one makes in trying to challenge someone without power to back it up is that it angers the opponent and causes him to assert even more power over his victim, and that might mean execution, wounding, etc. Please read more deeply into the invasions of India over time – how did nonviolence on the part of the women and children work out?

    Please, read the second adhyāya of the Bhagavad Gītā again and this time, imagine yourself as Arjuna, whom Kṛṣṇa is addressing. I think that many people read the first adhyāya and take that to be the position that Arjuna should take in the battle field, that of dropping his bow and letting the side of Untruth take over to save his family, friends, elders, and teachers. One needs to read the second adhyāya and beyond to get the full story of what Arjuna’s duty as a Kṣatriya was (and still is today).