Absolute Truth

Absolute Truth December 25, 2014

You guys know that I have a lot of trouble talking in absolutes. I see everything in shades of gray and relativity. It’s been my experience that even so called “facts” are filtered through a human bias.

But I do believe that absolute truth exists.

I just don’t know what it is for sure in every situation or even in most situations. I talk a lot about point of view, opinion, and perspective. That annoys some people who are sure that they have the unvarnished truth and that I’m insulting them by talking about their perspective.

For me I don’t believe that ordinary human beings are capable of knowing or seeing absolute truth. I think one has to be enlightened for that level of certainty. And the number of people currently in the world that I think could be enlightened I can count on one hand.

Even facts are rarely what they seem. There is always more to the story, always more layers of meaning to discover. I’m very suspicious of people who say that they’ve got it all figured out and know all the answers.

It’s not a sign of weakness to see and acknowledge that there may be more to the truth than what you currently know. I urge people to always be willing to listen, to hear, to take in other points of view and expand your own mindset. Listen critically, of course. Listen carefully and with an awareness that just like you this person also has a bias from their own experiences and education. Just as you don’t have absolute truth, neither does almost anyone else.

We’re all stumbling to find it. We’re all doing our best to find and understand truth but that’s the journey of being human. It takes hundreds or thousands of lifetimes to get to.


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  • Seeker


  • IaMJ

    Very good article, Just take the following example:

    We need to climb 10 stairs, the 10th step will be the ultimate freedom but that doesn’t mean steps 1-9 are failures or they are useless. They’re there to prepare you for the ultimate step.

    Just keep you goal(Enlightenment) in your mind and keep working, eventually you WILL reach the end!

    • Ambaa

      Great analogy! I love that!

  • Madhu K Agnihotri

    what an article I must say.. but one must stick to something hard…. seek the highest (brahma vidya ) & go beyond gunas to heroism at least this is truth gunas are scientific 🙂

  • Derek_anny

    You may find part of the Principia Discordia interesting. It is regarding the Aneristic and Eristic Principles and Illusions, which may be likened to Maya.


    • Ambaa

      Thank you! I’ll check that out.

      • Derek_anny

        Be aware when you get to it, that the link goes right to the first relevant page. You’ll have to go back to the table of contents if you want to read the whole of it.

  • Narendra Parachuri

    In puranas, god already told that in Kali yuga(present age), the dharma walk with single leg(means that the absolute truth (or dharma as I understood) that we are discussing will almost perish, we are yet to see the worst.. the great sage Pothuluri Veerabrahmam swamy already predicted all present world problems some centuries back)..hope the maha vishnu take the birth(as part of his Das avathaar) on earth soon to preserve dharma and to enlighten the people…

    • Ambaa

      We are indeed seeing so much bad. It’s hard to deal with the issues of the Kali Yuga and I fear it is only going to keep getting worse 🙁