Do The Gods Get Jealous of One Another? {Newbie Question}

Do The Gods Get Jealous of One Another? {Newbie Question} August 20, 2015

Someone recently asked me this question and it really surprised me. It’s not something that ever occurred to me. But I can see what she meant. Like if one God has more worshipers than another do they rub it in each other’s faces?

At first this seemed pretty ridiculous to me. But then I thought about all the stories and myths around the Gods and some of those stories do involve competitiveness and one-upmanship.

At first I think that since all Gods are in reality One then it doesn’t make sense for them to be jealous of one another. But then I think we as human beings are all One also, part of the same One as the Gods, and we feel petty and jealous and competitive all the time!

So maybe it is part of maya that even Gods compete with one another to some extent.

What do you think? Do the Gods get jealous of one another?

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  • Purniti Gulati

    According to me Hindu Gods jealous each other there are various examples of God jealousy in stories,Narad G play the mediator role, I am telling you a story of fight between Indra Dev and Krishna, Indra Dev try to flood mathur with rain and Krishna took Goverdhan Parvat on his finger in this fight krishna win.

    • Mallik Kotamarti

      No Gods do not get jealous – to achieve divinity, one needs to be beyond such imperfection; on the other hand, some deities (demi gods) do have desires (to prove their strength) etc. Pardon me Purnati, but in your story Indra was angry at the people for stopping his worship and not knowing the power of Krishna, he wanted to test him and tease the people to show his might.

      • disqus_R6smkgMEJG

        Nice explanation.

  • Aizlyne

    I think the Puranic stories of Gods competing or getting jealous of one another is really something for human benefit/ to help us lean how to overcome certain kinds of weaknesses rather than a literal depiction of the way Gods are. For as many stories as I have heard of Gods competing with one another, I have heard stories of a God rejoicing in the worship or another God or even encouraging other gods to worship yet another god. (Ex. Shiva encourages Parvati to do Lakshmi Puja. Lord Rama offers Puja to both Surya and Shiva at one point I believe)

    I don’t think the gods get jealous – not *really*. I also think this depends on the Hindu, because not all Hindus think of the Gods as aspects of the One, or they consider them to be separate beings that live on the astral plain and are subject to the effects of the three gunas.

    In my mind, because of the way I think of divinity, It’s hard for me to think of the Gods as getting jealous of one another.

    • Ambaa

      That’s exactly how I look at it!

    • disqus_R6smkgMEJG

      As Harry said, the question only applies to Abrahamic gods. As a metaphor for people’s behavior, the ‘jealousy of the gods’ explains why their followers think that their faith alone is the truth.

      • Dispal

        Christians believe in one God..Hence there is no question of ‘Gods’ getting jealous.The very nature of God is love….Ofcourse the authors in the Old Testament have mentioned ‘jealous God’..This is because of their limited understanding of the nature of God to whom they attributed human emotions..Hence this should not be taken literally…


    I think this question only applies to old Greek and Abrahamic gods and no one else.

    I think most people who are saying yes are those who don’t know the difference between Devta and divine.

    • Ambaa

      Yeah, my very first reaction was “That’s the kind of question only someone with a deeply western perspective could ask.” But then I started thinking about it more and thought it would be worth exploring.

      • Uma

        Dear Ambaa
        Try a past life regression or a life between life regression. The highly spiritual gurus can put their finger on your forehead and instantly let you see your karmic past. But as we have not been practicing meditation enough , past life regression and life between lives are easy ways. The Doctors like Brian Weiss and Michael Newton are quite famous in doing it. In past life regression you can see your spirit in the spiritual world. why are you here and your purpose of life and so on. But the creator is still far away. But this would lessen the struggle if our soul decides. This is not to hinder your spiritual progression, it helps to know how the God care for you

        • disqus_R6smkgMEJG

          Dear Ms Uma: Could you please enlighten us as to what is the relevance of your post here in reference to the question posed, namely, do Gods get jealous of one another?

          • Uma

            Our concept of GOD. That’s it. In our concept of GOD , we have given it a human form with human attributes and emotions such as anger and jealousy. But is it GOD really spiteful and jealous? No way. These are human attributes. These psychologist regress the human beings and they are able to experience the true nature of soul in a spiritual world where there is no anger, no fear just happiness. we, a tiny, tiny part of the cosmic consciousness experience such bliss and no other emotion in spiritual world, do you think GODS will be jealous of each other. And GODS are what? Highly evolved souls

    • Dispal

      The authors of Old Testament have attributed human emotions to God because of their limited understanding of the nature of God..hence this should not be taken literally..God is love..He can not be jealous.

      • HARRY

        I like your response, But wait a minute, you have chosen certain things and you have discarded certain things. This proves that you do not follow your own dogma to the letter as it is written, and if that is true, then you are not a true follower of that very dogma. You can’t say that your own books are wrong or are you just saying that for being just politically correct because you know that the Abrahamic dogma is not compatible with the real world which you and I live in.

        • Dispal

          We Catholics do not take everything written in the Old Testament literally (for example – creation story, jealous God etc) . These were written by the authors around 4000 to 5000 years ago to the society of that age who attributed human qualities to God..

          These are not dogmas..I do not want to enter into any debate…I just wanted to clarify..

        • Edwin Woodruff Tait

          Why do you get to say what makes someone a “true follower” of some other religion? Why would you demand that members of other religions be literalists? This makes no sense.

          • HARRY

            Because if you are a Hindu you do not have to follow any dogma or a book in order to be a Hindu , even an atheist can be a Hindu, where as , when it comes to any Abrahamic religion this is not possible in order to be a so called good follower of that faith.

  • Satan’s Fabulous Twin Brother

    Someone should make a sitcom about all the gods sharing an apartment and the wacky hijinks they get up to

  • Mateus Matias Pinheiro

    I’ve thought about it too and I am a little bit more certain that it could happen in other Pagan (here I use the word as a complimentary description) religions, like those of Old Egypt, Assyria or Greece. But in Hinduism, I’m not so sure. I’ve been drawn to the Vaishnava sect and it bothers me that Krishna says some not-so-nice things about people wrongly worshipping “demigods”. Acoording to someone who made my astral chart, my Ishta-Deva is Lord Vishnu (that’s why I began my search), but let me say that I have great affection for Shiva (all due respect, but his looks and style are mindblowing!), I love, with all my heart, Ganesha – he is cute, I relate to him being a fat person and, therefore, a minority, and I am certain, deep within, it was Ganesha who sent me on my path to Krishna. Whenever I needed his help, he was always there, at hand, and selfless enough to turn me to the hands of “another” God. Finally, I love Durga, love reading the Devimahatmyam, love the idea of Mother Goddess. More recently, I attempt to see the mother goddess archetype in Radha, our beautiful, benevolent Radha! And whenever I have the opportunity, I’ll pay my respects to all of them. I hope Krishna understands, but I was not made to be an only-one-God man!