Karma is not your bitch

Karma is not your bitch November 9, 2015

There’s a popular phrase in America “Karma’s a bitch.” It’s used when the speaker hears of something bad happening to someone they think deserved it.

Sometimes I think Americans have an okay grasp of the concept of karma. But then I hear that phrase and I want to force them all to sit down and read Karma Misunderstood!

It’s like they think karma is the name of some vengeful Goddess of justice. Karma is not a person. It’s a law of the universe. The law of karma/law of action is that every action you take has a natural consequence, something naturally follows. The Gods set up the world with this system of actions and consequences that allow us to learn what brings us joy and what brings us sorrow.

The word “karma” means nothing more than “action.” Your karma is the actions that you have taken, the choices that you have made. It is not an outside force, it is you.

The other day a friend on Facebook was talking about her lovely little son and I, being very impressed with how she is handling motherhood at a very young age, said it was her karma to raise such a good kid. My friend laughed and said she would take the credit for that one, thank you very much. And I was a bit speechless. You are taking the credit. Because your karma is you. It’s the choices, decisions, and actions that you have made in the past that build up much of the life you have now. There are other factors, of course, that effect the challenges that you are facing but when it comes to karma, it isn’t a God or Goddess out to find your secret bad deeds and punish you.

Your karma is not a bitch. Your karma is you.

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  • SK

    True. Principle of karma is basically -> actions have consequences.
    For the ancient Hindus, the canvas of the soul was stretched across multiple births and rebirths. So the principle of karma manifested itself across various lifetimes.
    Even people who are, well, all too “scientific” and reject rebirth cant deny that actions have consequences and thus implicitly everyone ends up accepting the principle of karma.


    Why do I feel it is then? Lol

    • Ambaa


  • Venkiteswaran

    You’ve written ;”your karma is you. It’s the choices, decisions, and actions that you have made in the past that build up much of the life you have now.” You’re primarily mistaken in saying that YOU have made the choices and decisions in the past. You are being too egoistic. What if the “so-called YOU” had no thinking and discerning faculty at all? Whose ‘karma’ would it have been then? Who gave you this faculty to take such wise decisions and make good choices?

    • Ambaa

      I think we all have the opportunity to influence our fate if we are making decisions within the present moment. And karma is literally nothing more than your own actions and the reflected consequences that come from the way the universe is set up by the Gods. Karma is good actions and it is bad actions. It is a word that means only “action.”

      What is this hypothetical question about us not having discerning faculty? What is the point of such a question when clearly we do have the ability to think and make decisions?

      • Venkiteswaran

        Ambaaji, how can you say that all human beings have ‘the ability to think and make decisions?’ What about mentally retarded children ? Even if they grow up, do they take decisions for themselves? Whose ‘karma’ is it that such children are born? Can you blame it on their parents?. You’ve referred to Karma as “your own actions and the reflected consequences”. If this is the case, a mentally retarded child should be born every time a man and woman have sex, right? Does it happen like this? If hundreds of people die in a plane crash, is it because of their wrong decision to board that plane? Whose karma causes the death of these innocent people?. If a man slips down from the top of a building and dies even in a normal state( not intoxicated), is it because of his ‘wrong action’ ( slipping down) he died? What I mean to suggest is that I cannot but disagree with your statement “karma is literally nothing more than your own actions and the reflected consequences”

        • Ambaa

          Why would a mentally disabled child be born every time people had sex? Do you see sex as dirty or bad or evil? Because it’s not. It’s an important part of creation.

          A person with Down’s Syndrome, for example, still makes decisions and choices. I’ve never met someone with no capacity at all. Many with mental disabilities have a lot to give the world. They tend to be better at living in the moment and seeing the best in situations.

          Now, I personally don’t believe in blaming people for bad things that happen to them (you must have caused this, etc.) because I think many of the “bad” things that happen to us are 1) only considered bad because of a limited view and an assumption (as Hamlet said, “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so”) and 2) because the mistake or “bad” choice is in the past and we must help with the present and get someone on a better path.

          As far as the plane example, we don’t know what led those people there. Getting on a plane is not a bad decision. There is no information with which they could have known. But the law of karma says that it was their time to move on to another life (dying is not a bad thing necessarily) and perhaps that moment is their time because of karmic seeds that happened a long time ago (even in a past life). We can never chase down all those threads but we can know that making good choices in the moment is going to lead us to the best outcomes (though we will still die because dying is something that all things in creation do).

          We can always learn from the consequences that befall us and take comfort in the fact that nothing is random.

          • Venkiteswaran

            I have been having this doubt for several years now…WHAT IS AN IDEAL PRAYER? We Hindus go to many Temples of Lord Siva, Vishnu or Devi Durga and we are told to chant hymns of the presiding deity like Om Namah Sivaya, Om namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaaya, Amme Narayana Devi Narayana Lakshmi Narayana Bhadre Narayana. I have also read that in KALIYUG, chanting the hymn of God is the easiest way to attain Salvation ( moksha)

          • HARRY

            This is Bakti path of sanatan dharma.