January 30, 2019

No, that headline isn’t click bait. I mean, I chose those specific words because I wanted you to click on the link, but I really am offering you a chance to grab a free copy of my upcoming book Unraptured. Even better? I’m offering you a chance at a free copy before it’s released. Meaning you don’t have to wait until it comes out March 19th. You can read it now before anybody else. Which, you know, I’m kinda biased, but I… Read more

January 7, 2019

(Credit: Wikipedia Commons) The United States government has been partially shut down now for just over 16 days. All because of a wall. A wall nobody wants. Well, nobody except Donald Trump and his small, but blindly devoted band of followers. One of those blindly devoted followers is a Dallas-based pastor named Robert Jeffress. You might have heard of him. He’s the same Robert Jeffress who claimed that Donald Trump has been anointed by God to wipe Kim Jong Un… Read more

January 1, 2019

(Source: Twitter) I know, I know. The headline seems like clickbait. But I promise it’s not. Jerry Falwell Jr. granted an interview to The Washington Post today in which, to their credit, they ask him some pretty direct questions about his support for Donald Trump in light of his claims to also be a Christian. To be fair, once upon a time I tried to offer a Christian defense of Donald Trump too, but, well, Falwell had a few more… Read more

December 19, 2018

Thanks to a recent game of family bingo, my five year old daughter is now the proud owner of a Santa gnome. It currently has pride of place on the mantle above the fireplace in our living room. She had her pick from the stack of bingo prizes at my mother-in-law’s house, but chose the gnome because 1)she saw a gnome in a neighbor’s yard recently and decided we needed one for our own yard and 2)she’s finally old enough… Read more

November 6, 2018

I shared most of these thoughts yesterday on Twitter on on my Facebook Page, so sorry not sorry if you’re already read them. But I wanted to share them again in case any of my fellow Christians out there are either still sitting on the fence today about whether they’ll get out and vote or they’re theologically opposed to voting because of, admittedly valid, concerns about being complicit in the evil deeds of the empire when it is the Church’s… Read more

November 1, 2018

I know I’ve been working on it for a while now, but I’m still having to tell myself that I have, in fact, actually really written a book. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve experienced all the requisite stress and anxiety associated with writing a book, but it wasn’t until today when my publisher sent over a PDF of the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) with the book laid out in all of its fancy typesetting that it’s begun to sink in… Read more

October 18, 2018

My kids are on fall break which means I had time to smoke some ribs this week which means I also had a few hours to kill while I attended to the smoker and as a responsible adult I tried to make the best use of that time as I could. By that I mean I spent a couple of hours gif’fing the Bible. And by that I mean I imagined what it would look like if each book of… Read more

August 31, 2018

(Credit: Jlhopgood, Flickr Creative Commons) Something I’ve always prided myself on is my mental health. I suppose it’s out of stubbornness as much as pride. You see, my parents divorced when I was really young and my father exited the pictured completely not long after I started elementary school. I saw various family counselors and psychologists from time to time as a kid, but I always resented the way I thought they were forcing me into the box of “just another… Read more

June 14, 2018

(Credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr Creative Commons) This is just abhorrent.   Honestly, it’s hard to think of anything more perverse, more blasphemous, more of a bastardization of scripture, more anti-Christ than trying to use to the Bible to justify ripping children away from their parents.   And yet that’s EXACTLY what Jeff Sessions is trying to do in his response to criticism from church leaders over his so-called “zero tolerance” policy that allows him to do just that.   Have… Read more

May 3, 2018

(Credit: WildInWoods, Flickr Creative Commons) Well hello, Patheos. It’s nice to meet you. In the words of the great poet Jay-Z, allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Zack. I’m a Capricorn. I rant about Trump and rave about Jesus on the internet. I’m currently munching (is that the right word?) on a 3lb bag of gummy bears. And I wrote a book. Well, technically I’m writing a book. But it has a title! If you’ve been following me… Read more

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