Preston is back from a busy few weeks and he is ready to answer your questions on this extended hour long podcast.  How does a mom navigate through the very complex issue of her daughter's gender identity?  What does Preston think of Rob Bell, Pete Enns or The Liturgists Podcast with Michael Gungor? Would you be surprised to hear that "Progressive Christianity" can often sound like Christian Fundamentalism? Preston is also answering questions about Bible translations. Why do we have so many and what do you find in each one? Is there a 'dangerous' version to stay away from?  What is Biblical Inerrancy? Preston gives 4 points to why he affirms Biblical Inerrancy. And lastly Preston talks about Church Diversity. Does your church reflect the ethnic diversity of your city?  Support Preston Support Preston by going to Connect with Preston Follow him on Twitter @PrestonSprinkle Check out his website If you enjoy the podcast, be sure to leave a review.