Lesli has been a great friend and mentor over the years. We talk about all things trans*, gender, church, Jesus, pronouns, and all that fun stuff. Lesli is the Gender Identity Ministry Director for Posture Shift and a contributor to the highly acclaimed resource "Guiding Families." Learn more about Lesli here Check out Guiding Families Lesli currently serves as Gender Identity Ministry Director for Posture Shift. They mentor youth and adults seeking God’s will in their gender identity. They are also de­vel­op­ing a re­source de­signed to thought­ful­ly en­gage church lead­er­ship in the gender conversation. Prior to joining the Posture Shift team, Lesli spent 15 years on the road and in regional theater as Pro­duc­tion Stage Mana­ger for numerous Broad­way musi­cals, ballets, and plays. They still escape to NY to see shows whenever possible. Social: Twitter: @superduke1 FB: @postureshift Connect with Preston Twitter | @PrestonSprinkle Instagram | @preston.sprinkle Youtube | Preston Sprinkle Check out his website prestonsprinkle.com If you enjoy the podcast, be sure to leave a review.