“About 5% of what you see on the news reflects the reality of what’s going on at the border,” says pastor John Garland, who’s been living out the gospel at the border. In this fascinating conversation, Dr. Poe Hays and John Garland walk us through what it means to be a Christian and live out the kingdom of God toward a marginalized and misunderstood group of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. And how the Psalms are a Spirit-inspired guide to trauma therapy. Dr. Rebecca Poe Hays is Assistant Professor of Christian Scriptures. Ph.D. from Baylor University, where she teaches biblical Hebrew, Old Testament, and the Psalms. Author of The Function of Story in the Hebrew Psalter John Garland is the pastor of the San Antonio Mennonite Church and Chaplain of the Interfaith Welcome Coalition. John became pastor of SAMC in 2016 during an immigration crisis that has dramatically shaped the church and its ministry. John is currently doing doctoral work on communal trauma, spiritual resilience, and the Psalms. He is a fellow at the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty. He is the National Association of Social Workers' Texas 2020 "Public Citizen of the Year." Some articles written by John and Rebecca: https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2019/june-web-only/migrant-san-antonio-border-trauma-therapy.html https://www.baptiststandard.com/falling-seed/psalms-are-ancient-resource-for-a-novel-time-part-1/ Faith, Sexuality, and Gender Conference - Live in Boise or Stream Online In the all-day conference, Dr. Preston Sprinkle dives deep into the theological, relational, and ministry-related questions that come up in the LGBTQ conversation. Support Preston Support Preston by going to patreon.com Venmo: @Preston-Sprinkle-1 Connect with Preston Twitter | @PrestonSprinkle Instagram | @preston.sprinkle Youtube | Preston Sprinkle Twitter | @RawTheology Instagram | @TheologyintheRaw Check out Dr. Sprinkle’s website prestonsprinkle.com If you enjoy the podcast, be sure to leave a review.