Becket’s story is absolutely incredible. He has one of those stories you hear from a distance and think, “this can’t be true.” But it is. Jesus is real and he is that powerful. Becket has an amazing story and he also has an amazing passion for an amazing savior. Becket shares his story in this podcast; he and Preston also dig into what it means to “leave homosexuality,” the controversy over gay identity (Becket is adamantly opposed to it), and what it was like hanging out with Katy Perry, Prince, Paris Hilton, and other Hollywood stars. Becket spends much of his time in ministry speaking at churches, universities, and conferences helping believers (and non-believers) understand this issue biblically, theologically, culturally, and personally. Balancing grace and truth when teaching on this subject is of primary importance. His goal is to challenge the current cultural narrative about sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular by demonstrating through his personal testimony and biblical truths that, yes, homosexuality is still a sin, and that following Christ is infinitely more satisfying and joyous. He has lived all over the world in major cities such as Rome, Vienna, and Tokyo. Becket graduated from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University in 2017 with a Master of Arts in Theology. Becket’s book, A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption , with a foreword by Francis Chan, published by Thomas Nelson, released July 30, 2019. Connect with Becket Cook Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Support Preston Support Preston by going to Connect with Preston Twitter | @PrestonSprinkle Instagram | @preston.sprinkle Youtube | Preston Sprinkle Check out his website If you enjoy the podcast, be sure to leave a review.