David Clarke on Hillary’s Weinstein Response: ‘Her Ethics Elevator Has No Bottom Floor’

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David Clarke, the former sheriff of Milwaukee County was on “Fox & Friends” on Saturday to talk about Hillary Clinton’s response to the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.  As you know, Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault by over thirty people and has even been accused of rape.  One very inconvenient truth for Democrats is that he was also a very big contributor to their campaigns and to their left-wing causes.

Clinton the accusations against the Hollywood mogul were “disgusting” and “heartbreaking.”  She also said, “This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics. After all, we have someone admitting to be a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”

Clarke wasn’t impressed by this.  Not at all. He says he couldn’t even keep a straight face while listening to Clinton’s excuses.   First, he said that “Crooked Hillary” is a great name for the deceptive former First Lady and former Secretary of State.

“She sat up there during the trusts her husband was having, actual rape allegations — some of which have been proven — and she defended the actions of her husband and she trashed the reputations of those victims.  For her to sit up here today and say ‘Victims need to be believed because they have to have the courage to come forward.. when the victims of her husband came forward, she trashed them, she called them floozies, she blamed it on a right wing conspiracy.

“She doesn’t care about those women,” he said on Fox.  “Her politics matters more to her, the reputation of her husband, to prop him up in the White House for her future political endeavors was more important to her than these victims.”

“She trashed the reputation of those victims,’ he said. “She’s morally bankrupt. Her ethics elevator has no bottom floor, and she will do whatever she has to do to protect herself, her image, and her reputation.”

Watch his interview below:

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