FLASHBACK: Jesse Jackson Praises Donald Trump for ‘Lifetime of Service’ to Blacks


With all the talk about how “racist” Donald Trump is, this is a pretty funny reminder of the way black leaders USED to talk about the man who is now President of the United States.  An old video has recently emerged that has none other than Jesse Jackson praising Trump:

Jesse Jackson, of course, is someone the left considers to have impeccable “racial” credentials.  So, what will they do with this video?  Probably ignore it…  But conservatives won’t let them get off that easy.

Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, for example, took the opportunity to post this video on Twitter and to generally talk about the “racism” label.  He tweeted, “PELOSI and DEMOCRATS trot out their tokens from the Congressional Black Caucus to smear with the racist label when NOTHING supports this attempt at character assassination. These lackeys have done NOTHING to improve the plight of black Americans in 50 years

He also retweeted these images, to show solidarity with the President, who “has a long history of working with the African American community.”

The sad reality is that Democrats will heap praise on you until they believe you are on “the wrong side of history.”  And by that, they mean if you disagree with even minor political points.

Image Credit: Public DomainFile:Jesse Jackson, half-length portrait of Jackson seated at a table, July 1, 1983 edit.jpg

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