Teen Inspired by ISIS Tries to Detonate Bomb in Utah High School

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You expect ISIS-related violence to occur in places like Raqa, not in states like Utah.

What is going on with the violence in American high schools?

On Monday, Pine View High School in Utah was evacuated after a backpack was found which held a homemade explosive device. Had the bomb exploded, police say it would’ve caused significant damage, perhaps even death.

A teen was arrested and could be charged with “manufacture, possession, sale, use or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction” (as well as even possibly more charges), according to Bureau reporter D.J. Bolerjack:

KUTV reports:

The student wasn’t just a bad speller. At the time, police suspected the spray painted message “ISIS IS COMI” was cut short, that possibly the spray painter was interrupted or scared off.  The student also replaced the American flag of red, white, and blue with the black and white ISIS flag.  Understandably, people were worried and confused that this could happen on an American high school campus.

Though the idea of those Utah students being so close to an ISIS inspired kid is really scary, this story ended much better than it could’ve.   Kudos to the police for figuring out the identity of the student who was threatening those kids.

Image Credit: KUTV Twitter Feed

Hat Tip: KUTV

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