Toronto Anglicans cite Christianity Today interview

Toronto Anglicans cite Christianity Today interview March 26, 2010

It still amazes me that, thanks to modern technology, words can fly around the globe into different continents, but also very different church streams.  The resurrection of Jesus is the one thing that can unite all true Christians.  We all believe in it, and no matter how much we might neglect it, at heart we know it is vital. So it was great to see this paragraph from my recent interview quoted by brothers so far away:

There is no historical doubt whatsoever that a man called Jesus lived and was crucified 2,000 years ago. It is also without dispute that a group arose quickly after his death, claiming he was risen. Despite the apparent absurdity of such a claim and vigorous attempts to persecute them off the face of the earth, this group grew quicker than any other before or since. Soon the whole Roman Empire became a Christian state without a sword being raised by the all-conquering new faith. This remarkable growth is impossible to explain without the Resurrection.

via The Anglican Parish Of Haliburton: The Resurrection Changes Everything.

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