Valuing Grace Terry Virgo Part Three

This is the third video in the series from Terry Virgo on this third value of his for ministry: grace.

“All that happened to Jesus is accredited to our account. . . Our sinful nature is not just because I have got a bad temper or I’ve got lustful eyes, I am a sinner because I was in Adam, he sinned and that made me a sinner. We were born children of disobedience it in our make up. But when we believe in Jesus we are told we are placed into Christ. It’s not just that Jesus died for my sins for my forgiveness but when he died I died an I am accepted in the beloved. It’s a bit like when Jacob came to his Father for a blessing, and . . . hid himself in the son he loved and in that setting received all the blessings. . . all that Christ is, is attributed to our account, and all that we were…our sin was attributed to him. . . Free righteousness sets us free, you don’t have to fulfill the law to impress God . . .”

Terry then went on to speak about how the Christian is dead to the law and alive to Christ. It is such a powerful message of grace. I urge you, if you haven’t already to go and listen to some of Terry’s sermons about grace. You may have been a Christian for years, but getting this message of grace back into your heart is life changing. Terry is uniquely gifted in being able to help this truth of grace make the journey into our hearts and lives. There is no better Christmas present you could give yourself or family than to allow the Spirit to apply this truth to you. Here is the video from the interview, it should make you want to hear more from this man about grace:

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