The Christian and the Internet – Opportunities and Pitfalls

At the weekend I attended the Christian Medical Fellowship Student Conference. It was so encouraging to see hundreds of bright young medical students gathering to hear God’s Word, and learn Christian principles that will help them at work.

If you are a Christian Doctor, Nurse, or a student working towards such a career in the UK, I would certainly recommend this organization. Among many events they organize, in April they will be doing a Psychiatry Day Conference.

I was asked to share a talk on social media at their national medical student conference.

In the talk I address how we can use social media as part of evangelism, and how we should approach it as Christians. I began by sharing the latest Socionomics video which you can see at the bottom of this post. You can also listen to the audio and get the slides from the talk below:

The slides slides are available by clicking on the image below:


Links mentioned in the talk:

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