Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft: Pagan Parenting – Terrorism, World Violence and Ritual

Young woman in despair sitting against a brick wall

Violence that has shredded this world has an uncanny way of effecting children. As parents we have several options open to us. [Read more...]

The Path of She: The Hero’s and the Hera’s Journey

Persephone Awakening via free images (license)

As the seasons turn and darkness descends in the natural realm, the hera’s path beckons you to journey into your inner darkness and the vast mysteries of this world. And though this is a hard path, of trials, sorrows and endings, its rewards are immeasurable. [Read more...]

Happily Heathen: A Prayer Of Thanks For Njord And His Children

"Njörd's desire of the Sea" by W.G. Collingwood (1854 - 1932) - The Elder or Poetic Edda; commonly known as Sæmund's Edda. Edited and translated with introduction and notes by Olive Bray. Illustrated by W.G. Collingwood (1908) Page 271. Digitized by the Internet Archive and available from This image was made from the JPEG 2000 image of the relevant page via image processing (crop, rotate, color-levels, mode) with the GIMP by User:Haukurth. The image processing is probably not eligible for copyright but in case it is User:Haukurth releases his modified version into the public domainLicensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Thanksgiving has always been very secular holiday for me, so when it came time to put together a Heathen post for Thanksgiving, I struggled a bit. Eventually I realized that, in my experience, giving thanks for abundance of all kinds falls squarely in Njord’s territory. So in honor of Thanksgiving, I present a prayer of thanks for Njord and HIs children. [Read more...]

The Lady’s Quill: Odin

Two ravens on a branch in winter

Poet, wise man, grey-cloaked wanderer, one-eyed, wizard, warrior, king… when I decided to do Odin as my next “Divine Profiles” article, I was overwhelmed. For as much as the Lady is a complex, larger-than-life being, the Allfather has so very many names and stories attached to him that I was afraid that I couldn’t do him justice. [Read more...]

The Cartomancer: How to Discover Your Character in an Earthquake

Carolus Zoya Marseille Tarot, ca. 1780. Facsimile after the original in K. Frank Jensen collection. Photo: Camelia Elias

We may think we know who we are and what we are, but as culture has shown, this knowledge is not something we produce or own ourselves. True knowledge of ourselves is never obvious, and it takes a lot of effort to acquire it, to process it, and to use it wisely. [Read more...]

Witch on Fire: A Thanksgiving Transmutation of Tens

The tens cards of the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris / Photo by Heron Michelle

Right on cue, I had what some would call a crises of faith regarding my own material needs. I’m walking the tight rope between a need to pay for the necessities of life and my sacred mission of service. In short, I think about money, or the lack thereof, a lot. Some might think that isn’t enlightened enough to admit publicly. I beg to differ. [Read more...]

Star Made Witch: Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing Banner

Witches use a variety of methods of trance induction and communication to correspond with the spirit familiar spirit or muse. The most common is a chance meeting in dreams, however such interchange depends on the felicity of dream recall and the right connection whilst unconscious. But, when a witch wants to communicate in the now, automatic writing and drawing are attractive options requiring nothing more than candlelight, a pen and paper. [Read more...]