51 Adorations

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I’ll be moving into discussing prayer and its importance in the Otherfaith. It is one of the three main points of practice that we establish as we begin devotional relationship with the Four Gods and their related spirits. We do have structure to our prayer, involving what prayers are said and at what time. There is flexibility, but having the structure brings us together in solidarity even if we are separated by distance.

In the Otherfaith, we say adorations to bring us closer to the god they are written for. They can also work as contemplative points. When we begin our adorations, we declare, “I praise the Four Gods of the West, you who burn, bury, dance, and drown – carry my prayers on west wind, reach the ones beyond fair gate.” That is a typical prayer to say when beginning any devotional work. We then recite the adorations. Once we have recited all of them for the specific god or spirits, we can contemplate on individual epithets and titles. I’ll happily explain why the gods have the epithets they do, but contemplating them on your own is encouraged as well!

These adorations are for the Clarene, highest and foremost of the Four Gods, our mother of flesh and bone, our bountiful dignified King. I chose to write 51 adorations as the number three is sacred to her, and 51 is three more adorations than the 48 adorations written for the Dierne.

51 Adorations of the Clarene

I adore you Girl-King
I adore you unfeathered one
I adore you Singer
I adore you of right action
I adore you soft teacher
I adore you of stable sight
I adore you lion maker
I adore you of sundered limbs
I adore you hand-holder
I adore you mask honer
I adore you orchard keeper
I adore you judgment maker
I adore you pleasure giver
I adore you of wondrous snakes
I adore you bare city
I adore you white whips
I adore you healer of wounds
I adore you mistress of snark
I adore you rolling hills
I adore you lady of death
I adore you midwife
I adore you jewels and gems
I adore you ash and forest
I adore you undertaker
I adore you house of magic
I adore you debt owner
I adore you mountain peaks
I adore you cruel mother
I adore you tea brewer
I adore you Ophelia’s sister
I adore you of long dirt roads
I adore you star-spearer
I adore you beloved of women
I adore you teller of filth
I adore you of wholesome crops
I adore you screaming retribution
I adore you apple bearer
I adore you skyscraper stilts
I adore you petulant mother
I adore you griffin rider
I adore you who laughs
I adore you the body of the land
I adore you wind tamer
I adore you earthbound daughter
I adore your Adilene’s lover*
I adore you Zero maker**
I adore you stirring sunset
I adore you gunpowder mother
I adore you overabundant feast
I adore you fire catcher
I adore you Girl-God

*‘Adilene’s lover’ refers to this Adilene, a Greater Spirit in the Westernlands that watches over devotees. Though the Clarene has a whole host of lovers, Adilene is one of her most notable companions and often manifests with this god.

**‘Zero maker’ refers to another group of spirits in the West – Zeroes, spirits who are charged with meting out justice and handling the law of the West. They associate with humans as patrons of cops, firemen, social workers, and any protective or military career. They manifest as centaur-like spirits with large zeroes written on their skin or emblazoned on their clothing. They are most closely aligned with the Clarene in her protective and retribution aspects.

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