Descensus Averni Day 7: Fizzle

Well, my 7 day ritual ended with a fizzle.  The practical demands of modern living came crashing into my religious intentions.  Yesterday, our fridge went out and I had to cook about 6 meals to save the food.  I decided that Fate wanted me to feast and not fast.  Moving food into ice, buying a new fridge, and getting ready for an inconvenient visit by family this weekend, and heightened work demands was all too much, and I called off the finale to my ritual.  Maybe I will do it later — a one day ritual probably.  But not anytime soon.  I am going to be going into trial next week (I’m a lawyer by day), so I will probably not be blogging for at least a week.  I have to say, this experience was a little bit of a disappointment.  I didn’t have any portentous dreams and there were no ecstatic fireworks.  But I nevertheless felt that I had my goals clarified and my methods validated.  It was a good experience, in spite of the anti-climatic ending.  I am a little embarrassed about my lack of discipline.  But I started this blog so I would write about the “warts and all”, my successes and failures, and all the rest (most of it really) which falls somewhere in between.  Just writing about it here honestly has been a growth experience I think.  See you in about a week!

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