Although Jesus was the prince of peace and demonstrated love and non-violence throughout his life, evangelical Christians by and large have been the most consistent defenders of empire building, military action, and war. The reason for this anomaly among Christian behavior isn’t simply hypocrisy, however. This behavior could very well be rooted in the way we have been taught to see the cross and the nature of divine justice. Because humans are reflective beings, people will always reflect the God… Read more

I grew up in the Evangelical church, so I’m fairly familiar with all of the standard doctrines: Pre-tribulation rapture, eternal conscious torment, penal substitution atonement, retributive eschatology, yada yada yada. What I never realized during my time in these staunchly conservative fundamentalist churches, however, is that the gist of what was taught is the same as what was taught by many of Jesus’ rivals—i.e. the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes. In this article, we will discuss three of the more prominent… Read more

The best theology is that which enfolds us and assures us that we are immersed in unconditional Love. The best friendships do exactly the same thing. A Journey with Two Mystics is a testimony to the God who so loves us as to create us from love and in love for relationship with God and each other. It is a correspondence not only between two mystics, but two best friends. Matthew Distefano and Michael Machuga write with honesty, warmth, humor… Read more

No joke! During the month of April, all of our Kindle titles (including From the Blood of Abel) will be available for only $0.99 on Amazon. Discover a great new book just in time for spring break or send a copy to a friend as a gift.   Discover the good news of what God has done to stem the tide of our own violence and evil—inviting us into a whole new way of living and being in this world…. Read more

As I approach the release of my third book—a coauthored venture with my best friend Mike Machuga—I cannot help but reflect on what a whirlwind of a journey this has all been thus far. Indeed, it has taken me on paths I never thought I’d walk, like a comfortable Hobbit just coming into his own in the Shire who is forced to flee in haste. And while I’m no Frodo Baggins, my endeavors over these past three years have forced… Read more

I recently saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with my six year old daughter. We loved it. Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, all of them—fantastique! The story is fantastic too. In fact, you can read my review of the 1991 version here. But some Christians aren’t too happy about this film. And all because one of the characters may be gay . . . Oh, the humanity! Franklin Graham is one of these, and has even gone so far… Read more

Dear Religion, You entered my life at such an early age that I cannot recall. Your doctrines, your orthodoxies, your “correct beliefs,” forced upon me before I even knew how to think. And as such, you were always a given. Everything you said was a given in fact. No. Questions. Allowed. Every jot and tittle of how the world worked, crammed into my curious, impressionable mind. And you did this with glee, didn’t you? You were so certain of yourself,… Read more

Dear Family (Christians and otherwise), I’ll begin by saying that I love you. I truly do. All of you, even those who slander me and spread gossip, threatening me with the very fires of hell itself, are my brothers and sisters in Christ. For if not by the grace of the almighty God, the one Jesus called Abba, none of us would be here. So I write this to you as a member of the family we call humanity, and… Read more

Guest author: Charles Watson Sr. From the moment of birth, death is just over the horizon. It is much like the sun as it rises in the east- beautiful and bright. With it, comes anticipation and hope. Anticipation, for what is to come. Hope, for seemingly an endless array of possibilities. At midday comes satisfaction for all that has been accomplished and eagerness to complete what is yet undone. As dusk fades into evening, our anticipation and hope for what… Read more

Once a week, I meet up with my friend Michael to talk about some of the bigger ideas that seem to consume the great majority of my thoughts. Our bonfire chats generally last until 9 or 10 PM, just in time for me to catch some of the George Noory show on my way home. How can you not love a talk radio show devoted to aliens and conspiracies? The other night, however, 1290 AM wasn’t coming in too great,… Read more

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