According to Jesus, we are all neighbors. (Luke 10:25-37) We need to learn again that our diversity is a source of our strength. It can be a major impetus for creativity in many fields. We need to learn from the Quran, as well as reason, that if God had wanted, He could have made all of us a single community, but instead He is testing us by means of what He has revealed to us. (Quran, 4:58) Read more

Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the so-called Muslim ban, setting the stage for a final resolution on this controversial–and potentially unconstitutional–policy. According to American Muslim Poll 2018: Pride and Prejudice, a new study released today by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, in partnership with Georgetown’s Bridge Initiative, most Americans oppose the ban (66 percent). The majority of the populous (63 percent) also opposes mosque surveillance, and most (79 percent) say that Muslims should be allowed to… Read more

One stitch at a time, I tell myself, and that’s when I realize it: We love in the moments of work that accumulate in a lifetime of devotion. The infatuation that one may feel for a crush or a luxury yarn can lead to love, but it can’t substitute for the work one must put in. Read more

We should be leading the way. Remember that ALL Muslims are being targeted, not just people from specific countries. Remember that ALL people that do not fit a “certain demographic” are being targeted. We need to stand together. Read more

[Quranists] claim that, as the messenger of God, it is Muhammad’s message that should really matter and that the Prophet’s personal decisions about his life (such as the way he dressed, whether he was bearded, or what he preferred to eat) have no religious significance. Read more

Omar, my then eight-year-old grandson, was detained at an airport in Philadelphia in January of 2010. Omar is autistic. They were getting on a flight to go to Disney World when Omar got taken aside at the airport and was placed in a holding area. It got worse from there. Read more

Gender segregation has psychological implications that in most cases have nothing to do with observing implicit modesty codes, but of sexualizing our spaces. The fastest way to undermine a person’s capacity to self-regulate is to micromanage their movements by invoking God as your ally. Read more

What if the coverage and public discussion of Autism Awareness Month were to resemble that of Women’s History Month? Social media posts and local news articles would no longer feature employers bragging about hiring an autistic person for menial labor. Read more

But the underdog narrative is also larger than basketball. It resonates at a moment when galvanized high school students challenge the intimidating pro-gun lobby, as immigrants seek to preserve their dreams and as Democratic candidates look for votes in red states. Read more

They include refugee women fleeing war and violence, carrying a child through days and weeks of unbearable conditions, and women in never-ending poverty working tirelessly in the most difficult of conditions to make sure there is food on the table, no matter how meager. Read more

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