Fighting for Social Justice – Two Sides of the Same Coin

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By Saif Inam The LA Times published an article last week looking at a growing rift among African-American civil rights advocates. On one end were the veterans from the Civil Rights movement — those who had been influenced by Martin Luther King, Jr. — and on the other were recent activists from the Black Lives Matters movement. [Read More...]

Bringing in the Big Guns – When Discipline Becomes Crime and Punishment


By Layla Abdullah-Poulos People across the country continue to express their shock at the brutal treatment of a high school student by a resource officer in Columbia, SC. Unfortunately, incidents like this are the standard of interactions between blacks and law enforcement. Unfortunately, youth does not secure one from harm. A study in the Journal [Read More...]

Five Solutions to End All-Male Panels


By Saud Inam  Recently, there’s been a heated discussion around the need for female speakers and scholars on panel discussions at Muslim conferences, seminars and events. If you haven’t already, check out #NoAllMalePanels on Twitter – there was a great “tweetstorm” around this hashtag last night. Many of our conferences, seminars and events do have male-dominated panel [Read More...]

Justifying #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh: Dehumanization and Spiritual Illness


On Monday, multiple videos of a disturbing assault during math class at Spring Valley High School were released online. The level of violence shown in the video has led to widespread condemnation, calls for firing of the officer involved, and concern for the student, a small young Black teenage girl, who was assaulted in a [Read More...]

Why the #NoAllMalePanels Discussion is Important

Margari Hill of Muslim ARC, and a featured Muslim woman speaker

By Sabina Khan-Ibarra On the heels of the #NextTimeRememberHer twitter event, Muslim women are calling for their Muslim male allies to stand with them against All Men Panels. They are asking Muslim men to sign the pledge to eliminate all male panels and anthologies. The issue is not a new one. For years, women have not [Read More...]

Giving a Name to the Asexual Muslim Experience


By Laura P. I spend an awful lot of my time online, for work, for volunteering, for fun. But even I didn’t expect that one of the most profound realizations in my life would come from the internet. One evening in 2004, browsing news online after work, I happened upon an article called Coming out, [Read More...]