What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Believing in God?

What Happens to Our Brains When We Stop Believing in God? - andy gill banner

We all have heard the statistics before (which I won’t bore you with), but, millennials are leaving the Church in droves…

We are well aware of this; it’s what we’re unaware of that I want to look into a bit more; it’s the question of “What exactly happens to our brains when or if we stop believing there is a God?

What Happens to Our Brains When We Stop Believing in God? - Andy Gill 1An older mentor of mine who was once a highly sought after Evangelical preacher has now turned Atheist said to me once, “Andy, my faith didn’t die overnight; it was more so, a death by a thousand cuts.”

This just so happens to be the vast majority of us; as only “one percent of Americans raised with religion who no longer believe became unaffiliated through a one time “crisis of faith.” Ironically, I recall hearing, repeatedly, during bible college, that “neither do we become Christians overnight; it takes, on average, 20+ times of hearing the Gospel and being engulfed in these environments until one chooses ‘acceptance.'” I can’t find the research, but this makes sense in light of the above observations.

All the while, this brings to light the question of “what happens to one’s body if they’re within the small percentage of Americans that have lost their faith almost immediately?”

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